It has been less than a week since the new Leviathan raid released for Destiny 2, but slowly players are starting to uncover all of the secrets that the endgame destination holds. With a robust series of challenges within its main hold and a winding labyrinth underneath, the first Destiny 2 raid might be its most dense, for the amount of content it offers to players.

Of course, one of the main goals when exploring and completing a raid is loot, and trust us when we say Leviathan has plenty of it. But one item that many might be curious about is the raid exotic – every Destiny raid has one and Leviathan is no exception. To acquire the weapon, an exotic shotgun called Legend of Acrius, players will need to complete a few steps along the way.

1. Unlock On the Comms

This first step is fairly simple and completely random. At some point while fighting Cabal enemies, the player will acquire a quest item called On the Comms. This item will appear in their power weapon slot, much in the same way the weapon quest held a slot for MIDA Multi-Tool.

Destiny 2 Leviathan raid exotic tease

2. Kill Red Legion on Nessus

Once the player has On the Comms, they will be tasked with acquiring 5 communication ciphers from Red Legion troops on Nessus. Head to Nessus and prepare to kill enemies in exchange for items.

Unlike some item collection quests, though, the communication ciphers won’t drop from each Red Legion trooper killed. They are a random drop that appears without any rhyme or reason. Simply keep attacking Red Legion until you eventually earn 5 total ciphers.

3. Complete the Leviathan Raid

Prior to the launch of the Leviathan raid in Destiny 2, the next step said to Await the World Eater. Now that Leviathan is available, and has already been beaten by a team of four players, the quest will task the player with completing the raid.

destiny 2 calus damage phase

It’s no small task, but players at power levels in the 280 range should be able to complete the entirety of Leviathan with a competent team. Don’t be discouraged if the Pleasure Gardens section has got you down, it’s a very challenging portion of the raid and needs a solid strategy.

And of course there is the final showdown with Emperor Calus, which has some really cool twists to it. Once Calus falls, though, the next step in the weapon quest activates.

4. Visit Benedict 99-40

Once the raid is complete, players will need to return to The Tower and visit the new raid vendor, Benedict 99-40. This turncoat Sweeper Bot will give the player the next step in the quest, which requires completing the Arms Dealer strike at an increased difficulty.

5. Complete the Modified Arms Dealer Strike

Any that have done a Nightfall Strike are likely familiar with the new timed setup, but this version of The Arms Dealer is even more challenging. Essentially, this is a Prestige Nightfall, which means that the recommended Power Level is 300. The lower a player is from that threshold and the more damage they will take and the less they will do. Even at 300+ the enemies hit VERY hard.

destiny 2 arms dealer strike

The good news is that the Prism modifier is on, so there will always be an elemental burn active. It rotates between the three elements so keep an eye for the change. Bungie has said that the elemental burn is always supposed to be on the screen but a bug is preventing that from working. So eventually keeping track of the burn will be a lot easier.

Once the strike begins, players will have 7 minutes to get through the entire excursion and defeat the boss at the end. But thanks to the other active modifier, Time Warp, it is possible to add more time onto the countdown. The only things you need to do are look for glowing blue cubes and shoot them. Any time you are near one the feed will say ‘Anomaly Detected’ so be sure to look around as often as possible.

For each cube destroyed the timer will gain an additional 30 seconds onto the clock, and there are plenty to shoot along the way. In reality, teams have about 20 minutes to complete the strike thanks to the time bonus.

6. Receive the Legend of Acrius Shotgun

destiny 2 legend of acrius shotgun

Once the strike is complete, take the finished portion of the quest back to Benedict and receive the Legend of Acrius. This exotic shotgun packs a major punch and feels almost like a fusion rifle that fires a massive blast of energy. No matter the target – PvP or PvE – this weapon can make quick work of almost anything.

There are more steps to a different quest after gaining Legend of Acrius, which has some believing that this might not be its final form. But for now the weapon is a really cool raid exotic weapon, and a fitting reward for completing the Leviathan raid.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.