Destiny 2: How to Get the Leviathan's Breath Exotic Bow

leviathan's breath exotic bow

This week, Destiny 2 is going to unlock its first exotic quest of Season 8, which leads to the Leviathan’s Breath exotic bow. Starting with the weekly reset on Tuesday morning, players will have a new quest awaiting them and their reward is a weapon that could shake up the PvE meta in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

In order to claim Leviathan’s Breath, there are 7 total steps to complete, many of which should be familiar to Destiny 2 players. At this point, Bungie has released a handful of exotic weapon quests and most follow a similar pattern of obtaining the basic version of a weapon, charging it up by completing tasks, and then finishing a revamped strike to gain the exotic. Leviathan’s Breath is no different.

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Step 1: Find the Bow

Players will find a secret entrance into Banshee-44’s vendor stall where they will find a bow. Unfortunately, the bow is locked behind a case, and players cannot claim it yet.

Step 2: Complain to Banshee-44

Now that players have found the bow, they must talk to Banshee, who will explain that the case is locked. Now it’s time to unlock it.

Step 3: Generate a Keycode

To unlock the case, Destiny 2 players will need to generate a new keycode since the old one has been lost. Doing so requires gaining combat data from either Gambit matches or Vanguard Strikes. However, players can jump into Gambit Prime or Nightfall Strikes to generate more combat data per completion. They will need 100 in total.

Step 4: Focus the Keycode Data

The keycode generator is working but it is struggling to focus on the correct key codes. Now, players will need to land 75 precision final blows on targets in order to better hone its ability to generate the right key code. Considering the end reward is an exotic bow, it only makes sense that players spend some part of the quest getting bow kills.

Step 5: Arms Dealer Strike

With the keycode generator almost complete, Destiny 2 players will unlock a special version of the Arms Dealer Strike. Past revamped strikes have included unique modifiers, like the Thorn quest, while others have been shortened to a specific section. Either way, make your way through the strike and complete it.

Destiny 2 world's fastest nightfall strike The Arms dealer

Step 6: Banshee’s Signature

The keycode generator is complete and now it just needs Banshee-44’s signature to activate. Return to Banshee and get that from it.

Step 7: Claim Leviathan’s Breath

The keycode is now working. Take it to the case in the workshop and claim Leviathan’s Breath.

For those curious about Leviathan’s Breath and whether it will be worth the effort, this is an exotic bow that occupies the power weapon slot. It features a heavy bolts that stagger unshielded enemies and are strong against Unstoppable Champions, which is perfect for Nightfall Strike: The Ordeal. Also, when the bolt hits a target it sends out a blast that knocks enemies back.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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