To say that the leaks for Destiny 2 have hit a rapid pace would be to put things mildly. Now that pages from the strategy guide for the game have made their way online, any and everything that players could want to know about the game is available, including the current light level cap.

While speculation had been plentiful regarding where the Destiny 2 level cap would fall, it appears that Bungie has settled on Power Level 300 for its first apex. But unlike past releases of Destiny expansions, the sequel will put players at level 0, meaning the grind will be a little more intense than in past years.

Getting to Power Level 300 will be significantly easier and more user friendly in Destiny 2, thanks to some improvements to the engram system in the game. Whereas in the past, players needed to equip their best gear when decrypting engrams to ensure the level was as high as possible, now Destiny 2 will keep track of a player’s best possible loadout even if it isn’t equipped. Thanks to this system players should be leveling up continuously, regardless of if they are paying too much attention to their gear or not.


Of course, as with Destiny 1, there will be diminishing returns when it comes to increasing one’s Power Level. According to the page on the strategy guide, once players hit power level 260 they will only be able to increase in power by completing milestones. So that extra 40 power levels will be where the real grind happens, and where weekly activities will be a major factor.

Milestones in Destiny 2 are activities that guide a player to specific encounters, like the Nightfall Strike or a raid or a new event called a Flashpoint. These will be the rituals that players partake in every week, and as we now know they will be very important to hitting the power level cap.

We’re sure that some Destiny 2 player will hit the power level cap of 300 in no time, while others will take their time. But at least now we know what the goal is, and how best to achieve it.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.