Destiny 2 is going to hit the market with a little extra buzz brought by actor Marlon Wayans. As part of the new Xbox Live Sessions event launched by Microsoft’s Xbox division, Marlon Wayans will playing Destiny 2 on a livestream. This will be the second such event, following close on the heels of the an earlier Xbox Live Sessions event with DJ Khaled.

The Xbox Live Sessions event will be hosted on Microsoft’s own streaming service, Mixer. On top of Destiny 2 gameplay by Marlon Wayans, it will include fan interviews with Wayans, and various giveaways. Of the event, Wayans said:

“Love the idea of interacting with both my fans and fans of Xbox. Destiny 2 looks sick and looking forward trying it out while bringing some laughs and cool surprises to the audience during my Xbox Live Session.”

Xbox’s general manager of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, describes Xbox Live Sessions as a “one-of-a-kind-experience” for fans, giving them a chance to see the new game in action and potentially interact with a celebrity – whether it be an actor, musical artist, or even athlete.

For Destiny fans that want to watch an amusing stream, it’s probably a safe bet that Wayans will have some funny commentary. And the stream may be an opportunity for those not buying the game right away to learn more about what Destiny 2’s story will be all about this time around.


While this event, put on by the Xbox marketing team, may mostly serve as an opportunity to build hype for the game and draw attention to Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service (in case you were wondering why this won’t be taking place on Twitch), it could still be worth checking out for Xbox One owners planning to play Destiny 2. Since the event has giveaways planned, it’s possible there could be special in-game unlocks, like Destiny 2 weapons and armor.

Since Destiny 2 is coming with a reworked PvP mode, players will want to do their best to get their hands on powerful legendary equipment. And if there’s an opportunity to get that equipment without having to grind through mission after mission, it could be smart for the time-frugal player to check it out.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.