Destiny 2 Players Glitch Into the Last Wish Raid Early, Get Loot

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Destiny 2: Forsaken has a new raid which launches this week. The Last Wish raid takes players into the heart of the Dreaming City to hopefully put an end to the corruption that lies there. Unfortunately, it seems that some players aren’t keen on waiting, and have found a way to glitch into an early part of the raid to get some free loot.

To access this area, Destiny 2 players must go to Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City and find a secret alcove that lets players get beneath the terrain. Below the surface of Rheasilvia is a way to get to a bridge which contains one of the hidden chests in the Last Wish raid.

So far this is the only chest that has been found, but the chest is giving players loot from the raid loot pool, including weapons and armor. While this glitch is difficult, it is do-able on all three classes if players want to snag some interesting gear. It also counts towards the raid triumph of opening 10 hidden chests in the Last Wish raid.

This glitch was discovered by YouTuber The Quiet Guy who was exploring the Dreaming City patrol zone with clanmates when they discovered a way to glitch into the raid early. This glitch may not be worth it for every player, as it seems that it does not drop Powerful Gear. This could be because the raid does not officially launch until Friday. Players will want to maximize their mobility, use items like swords or MIDA Multitool, and make every jump carefully. If done wrong, players could end up stuck under the map and will have to spawn in at a different part of the Dreaming City and walk back.

Players are still avidly trying to explore this hidden area for any secrets that could help in the race for World’s First with Last Wish. The first team to clear Last Wish on Friday will receive a special reward along with some major bragging rights among the Destiny 2 community. While this one hidden chest did not help too much in that, there are still plenty of people trying to uncover any other hidden secrets before Friday.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Quiet Guy - YouTube

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