Destiny 2 Art Appears to Back Up Popular Fan Theory

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In the wake of Destiny 2’s announcement, the single piece of official art released appears to bolster previous evidence that the story may involve the Cabal invading the Last City. That popular theory has come from two sources primarily—Destiny itself and a leaked Mega Bloks set.

First off, the art for Destiny 2 shows a Last City in turmoil. Fires glow and smoke bellows across the landscape of which players in the Tower have stared across for the past two and a half years. Something or someone has definitely laid waste to what has been the one safe place in the solar system for Guardians and the rest of humankind.

And that someone whom many fans have quickly jumped to blame is the Cabal. That’s because one of the last story missions of The Taken King expansion called The Coming War sends players off to find the source of an unknown transmission. At the end of that mission it is revealed that the Cabal ship aboard the Dreadnaught was beaming a distress signal to the leader of the Cabal empire, leading many to believe that the alien force will head toward Earth in the future of Destiny’s narrative.

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While that could be nothing more than a loose story thread (of which Destiny’s story has many), the Cabal attacking the Last City theory gained more traction when a Mega Bloks set that has yet to be released was spotted online. That set sets up a scene that has never happened in Destiny 1, and features Lord Shaxx fighting off an elite guard of Cabal and a Siege Tank within the Tower’s hangar.

While there's always the possibility that this set is a fake, there is compelling evidence that it is not. Another set that was in the same leaked document was actually revealed at the New York Toy Fair this year, which in turn added credibility to the leak and increased the chances that the Cabal set is real.

Fans are definitely hungry for more details about Destiny 2, and this appears to be the most popular thinking when it comes to what will be coming to the game in terms of story. But fans will have to wait for more information to be sure.

Destiny 2 is in production, slated for release in 2017.

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