Destiny 2 'Last Call' Trailer Teases Cabal and Cayde-6

Destiny 2 'Last Call' Teaser Trailer

The first major trailer for Destiny 2 is out now, teasing the launch of a full cinematic trailer on March 30. Don't be fooled, though, because this "Last Call" teaser trailer may as well be a full trailer in its own right. Featuring Cayde-6, voiced by the fantastically talented Nathan Fillion, the Destiny 2 trailer confirms some of the rumored events tying Destiny into its sequel. It also teases so many more questions.

The minute-long teaser trailer focuses entirely on Cayde-6, one of Destiny's Exos and Vanguard of the Hunter class, sitting at a bar having a drink. What initially seems like an innocuous situation, Cayde-6 winding down after a long day, quickly develops into a momentous event.  The flashbacks within the trailer reveal a Cabal attack on the tower itself, with all of Destiny's Vanguards being caught up on the sudden and vicious maelstrom. Finally, as the trailer closes, it shows the bar Cayde-6 is sitting in is torn apart and an ongoing battle for the Last City persists.

And so the rumor that the Cabal have attacked the Last City is confirmed. Bungie even goes so far as to show one of the new Cabal enemy types, the rumored "Cleavers" that had been leaked via toy advertisements. But there's one more little detail that seems to have appeared in the trailer that some might not notice. A detail that's related to some rumors swirling within the Destiny community. Where are all of the Guardians' ghosts?

Finally, there are some interesting meta announcements to be made. The PS4 version of the Destiny 2 teaser confirms that yet again the platform will feature exclusive timed content, with the timing left unclear. Then there's the planned release of the full Destiny 2 debut cinematic trailer itself. It will launch on March 30 at approximately 10:00am PT, 6:00pm BST. Stay tuned, Guardians.

Destiny 2 is officially announced,  but not yet fully debuted. No release date or platforms have yet to be revealed. Rumors point towards Destiny 2 coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with a potential release date of September, but all rumored information should be treated with skepticism until officially announced.

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