The first Iron Banner of Destiny 2 has gone live for console players, who can now start collecting the weapons and armor tied to the event. But even though Iron Banner has a familiar look in Destiny 2 there are plenty of changes that players should know about.

First off, players will want to unlock access to Iron Banner by completing the Destiny 2 story campaign and then visiting the Tower. In a raised area above Lord Shaxx, Lord Saladin will be ready to unlock the Iron Banner playlist for players, which is 4v4 Control this time around.

Unlock Iron Banner

Speaking to Saladin will also unlock two Milestones in the Destiny 2 director, one for a daily challenge and one for a Season 1 objective. The daily challenges are similar to those available during the Faction Rally, with players able to earn a daily bounty of Iron Banner tokens for completing specific tasks in the playlist.

destiny 2 iron banner milestones

The Season 1 Milestone, on the other hand, appears to unlock an emblem for players after they collect 10 Iron Banner rewards (engrams). It’s unclear how long this first Season will last, but Bungie is expected to reveal more about Destiny 2 Seasons at a Twitch Con panel later this month.

Earn Iron Banner Tokens

Outside of the new challenges that reward tokens, everything else about Iron Banner functions similar to the Crucible in Destiny 2. Players will earn varying amounts of tokens depending on if they win or lose a match, and 20 tokens will earn one rank up with Lord Saladin.

An Iron Banner rank up will unlock an Iron Banner engram, which will have either a weapon or armor piece from the event’s loot table. Like with rank up engrams from other vendors, the engrams can fluctuate in power level depending on the player’s power level, and go as high as 300 without a mod.

destiny 2 iron banner in the tower

It’s a familiar formula that typifies Destiny 2 across the board, whether it be Trials of the Nine or the Leviathan raid. Players collect tokens, they turn in those tokens, and those tokens reward loot. Unfortunately, unlike with the Faction Rally there is no way to farm Iron Banner tokens fast; players simply have to put in the time to earn the gear that they want.

Given that the Control mode in Destiny 2 has some scoring issues, which Bungie is aware of, it’s a shame that players will have to go full time for almost every match, but that averages to about 10 minutes for 5 tokens if they win. The verdict is out on whether this system is an improvement over the super generous Iron Banners of Destiny 1 during Rise of Iron, but it’s still early.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.