Destiny 2 Iron Banner Ornament is Bugged

Bungie and Activision have been having it pretty good recently when it comes to Destiny 2Since the former Halo developer unveiled Forsaken, the first Taken King sized expansion for the sequel, the studio has been met with fairly strong support from fans who seem excited for the changes coming to the Sci-fi shooter. Of course, as has become the way with Destiny 2, there is always another issue.

The latest issue comes in the form of an iron banner ornament for the Destiny 2 exotic grenade launcher Fighting Lion. The ornament is part of this weeks Iron Banner Bundle, called Iron Ornament Bundle, and can be purchased from Eververse for $10 USD. According to those who have been faced with the issue, if the Lupus Visage Ornament is equipped and then unequipped later on then it will likely disappear from the possible ornaments available for the Fighting Lion in its menu.

For their part, Bungie soon took to Twitter to reassure players that they are aware of the issue and that something is being done to address it, saying they're "investigating an issue" regarding the ornament and ask fans to "please stand by for updates". The developer soon followed up these statements, saying that the Iron Banner Bundle that features the ornament will be removed for the Eververse store until further notice and that anyone already affected by the issue will have the item restored as soon as a solution can be found.


When the Warmind expansion first launched many thought Bungie was finally taking criticisms to heart and making a course correction with regards to its microtransaction store Eververse. As such many fans were surprised when Bungie announced the first of these Iron Banner themed bundles which was called the Iron Emote Bundle and included an exclusive exotic emote. Of course, many fans were unimpressed by the idea of an emote that couldn't be earned in game but had to be purchased through microtransactions.

With Forsaken coming in September, Bungie and Activision can't afford more issues like this arising in the game. The new expansion is going to be a make or break point for Destiny 2 and unpopular decisions like the Iron Banner Bundles coming back to bite them isn't going to help. Lets all just hope all the progress the developer seems to be making isn't in vain.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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