Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner arrived this week, adding more player versus player fun for the first-person shooter. But although most are enjoying the chance to earn some additional loot, some fans are concerned that the return of Iron Banner in Destiny 2 glosses over an important bit of lore.

On social media, fans have noted that Lord Saladin makes no reference to the Rise of Iron DLC expansion released for the first game. In that DLC, players fought back against the Fallen House of Devils who wanted to use the SIVA nanotechnology to become much stronger. The DLC sees the Guardians become a new generation of Iron Lords – but it doesn’t appear that Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner references this and fans say it seems as though Saladin has never met them.

The omission is unusual as there are other bits of dialogue in the game that refer to a character’s previous victories if they have been imported from the first Destiny. For example, during the Pyramidion Strike Ikora may reference Eris Morn’s “return” if the imported Destiny 2 character met her in the first game, while Commander Zavala has voice lines that reference victories at the Black Garden.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Overwatch Easter egg

Moreover, the opening mission of Destiny 2 also sees Lord Shaxx refer to players as “Saladin’s young wolf,” regardless of whether the character is imported or not. Fans argue that it’s a little disappointing and just plain odd that Saladin himself doesn’t mention anything like that in Iron Banner.

Some have wondered whether Bungie just didn’t have time to record additional lines – though the developer did have time to introduce an Iron Banner Overwatch Easter egg. Others have also questioned whether this has been done as not to alienate brand new Destiny 2 players who didn’t experience the Rise of Iron DLC or become an Iron Lord. Another popular theory is that because Rise of Iron was created as a stopgap as Destiny 2 was delayed a year as development continued, Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner content was created before Rise of Iron even took place.

Admittedly, the real reason doesn’t matter much and this isn’t being seen as a dealbreaker. Destiny 2 already includes lots of other throwbacks for returning fans, such as the Randal the Vandal Easter egg as well as the return of the famous purple ball. But Destiny 2 players just want their time in the first game to feel as valued as possible – especially if they forked out extra for that Rise of Iron DLC – and the lack of Iron Banner references stings just a little.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. It will release on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Reddit