Iron Banner returns to Destiny 2 today for the first time in Season 2, bringing with it some inventory changes as well as introducing new armor ornaments and weapons. The base armor sets remain the same as Season 1; however, by completing certain challenges over the course of Iron Banner in Season 2 those extra ornaments will unlock.

The overall look of the Season 2 armor ornaments and weapons ins Destiny 2 have shifted things to more of a silver motif, as opposed to the green and gold of Season 1.

destiny 2 season 2 iron banner ornaments

Tasks to complete in order to unlock an ornament include:

  • Earning Iron Banner reward engrams
  • Defeating enemies in Iron Banner games
  • Completing daily Iron Banner milestones
  • Getting grenade and melee kills in Iron Banner
  • Winning Iron Banner matches

Ornaments can be picked up at Lord Saladin once they are earned. And speaking of Lord Saladin, his inventory has changed for Season 2, giving players easier access to all the gear that is available over the course of the weeklong event. Whereas in Season 1, earning Iron Banner gear was completely up to the randomly-rolled reward engrams, in Season 2, Saladin now has every armor piece and weapon available to purchase with Iron Banner tokens and Legendary Shards.

Players will also be able to earn an Iron Banner Sparrow, Ghost shell, and ship completely outside of the Eververse store. They will drop randomly from reward engrams. There is also no limit (as there is in the Faction Rally event) to how many reward engrams players can earn during Iron Banner week.

Iron Banner is live now, coming after a maintenance period that added Masterwork armor to the game. Iron Banner will run until Tuesday, February 6 at reset.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.