Destiny 2: How to Beat Insurrection Prime in the Scourge of the Past Raid

destiny 2 black armory scourge of the past boss insurrection prime

Once Destiny 2 players have cleared the Berserker encounter in the latest raid, Scourge of the Past, it is time to face the big threat that is assaulting the Black Armory vault: Insurrection Prime. This boss fight is broken up into two major phases, so players should buckle in for a pretty complex encounter.

To take down Insurrection Prime, players will need to combine tactics from the Berserker encounter with the new mechanics to make sure this hunk of metal stays down. Here is everything players need to know to take down Insurrection Prime.

Freeing Insurrection Prime

Once players enter the ruins, they will notice that the boss is contained under some rubble that players must break. To do this, Destiny 2 players will need to summon Tanks and destroy the rubble. Fireteams should break up into two groups of three, one for topside and one for the underground. Once players defeat the first giant Servitor, the electric wall will drop, allowing the underground team to head down. The topside team should remain up and kill adds to prevent them from getting underground, especially the shielded Shanks, as the underground team will have enough to deal with.

In the underground, there are three nodes that hold Phase Radiance: Continuous, Angular, and Parallel. This translates to Circle (Red), Triangle (Blue), and Square (White), respectively. Players should not switch Radiance once they have picked up one, as they need to have two of the same Radiance to spawn the tank. Players should also avoid running into another Radiance holder as it will damage both of them. There is a node in the underground that will display all three symbols and it should be avoided as it will cause an explosion that will wipe players. Use a strong weapon like Thunderlord to make short work of any Captains spawning below.

Once each player has collected a Radiance charge, topside players should take down another giant Servitor to respawn the Radiance nodes. Underground players will make another lap around to get another stack of the same Radiance so they will have two stacks each. Once this is done, taking down the large Servitor will allow the underground team to come topside and drop off the Radiance for the tank. All of the Fallen spawning in this encounter will make for easy Dawning ingredients.

Once the tanks spawn, players will use them to deal damage to the structure containing Insurrection Prime while avoiding the missile barrage. After 28 seconds, the tanks will start to detonate so players should abandon them and start the process over again. Hammer Strike will also work on the structure for extra damage. Players need to take down at least 25% of the boss health bar to reset the timer which is shown on the structure holding Insurrection Prime. If this is not done, it will cause a wipe.

Defeating Insurrection Prime

Once players have collected their loot from the first phase of the fight, a Berserker will spawn near where players entered the arena that must be killed to start the next phase of the fight. There are three roles in this fight: map reader, charge carrier, and shield breakers. Players need to deposit four charges to spawn a tank that will allow players to deal damage to this D.Va mech look-a-like. Shield breakers should be on the buildings near the boss to shoot his weak points when they are exposed, while the map reader should guide the charge carriers to the Berserkers with the red dot and then guide them to the proper terminals. Ikelos shotguns will make quick work of the Berserkers even after the nerf.

Players will need to be flexible and switch rolls as needed since players cannot carry a charge after they receive the Ionized debuff, so the map reader or one of the shield breakers may need to change with a charge carrier to make sure the charges get deposited. Once the Drake tank spawns, players will want to stack near the map and use the tank to cause the boss to lower its shield.  A Servitor will be exposed, which is where players will want to deal damage using a powerful weapon like Whisper of the Worm.

Periodically through the damage phase, the boss will emit a wave that will give each player two stacks of a Radiance buff (either Continuous, Angular, or Parallel). Players will want to avoid other players with different buffs as it will deal damage to them, and they should stack with another player who has the same Radiance to increase damage dealt to the boss, which can make three-manning the boss possible if players are lucky. Players should organize so that each Radiance buff has a specific spot to stand to avoid confusion and unnecessary team damage.

Players will continue dealing damage to the boss, and Warlocks should drop a Well of Radiance in the center of the team so they can dip in and out to heal. Once Insurrection Prime closes its chest, the process begins again. Unlike Riven from Last Wish, Insurrection Prime does have an Enrage timer so players will want to work quickly and efficiently to take down the boss for that sweet loot.

Destiny 2: Black Armory is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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