Destiny 2: How Infusion Has Changed From Destiny 1

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Infusion returns to Destiny 2, but the system has been changed just a bit. Infusion, for those unfamiliar, allows players to take an unwanted piece of gear that has a higher Power level and use it to level up a piece of "better" gear that is of a lower level. Infusion debuted in The Taken King expansion of Destiny 1, and even saw some changes throughout the lifespan of the first game. The system, while a very welcomed inclusion in Destiny 2, has undergone one major rework that players will need to know.

That change is that the ability to infuse is now based on the weapon type. That means that in order to upgrade a Kinetic auto rifle, for example, another Kinetic auto rifle with a higher level will need to be used. Not just any weapon in the Kinetic slot can be infused, even if it is a higher level. So that Kinetic auto rifle used in the example cannot be infused with a scout rifle, sidearm, pulse rifle, or anything else in that slot.

This will take some getting used to for veteran fans of Destiny 1, where Infusion was based solely on weapon slot. Any Primary weapon could be infused into another, and so on down the weapon slot list.

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The change also affects armor, but only when it comes to multiple characters and the transferring of gear. Players won't notice any differences when infusing armor into each other on the same character, but transfer those high-level Warlock gauntlets over to a Hunter to find out that armor from different classes can no longer be infused. This transferring of gear for Infusion was used throughout Destiny 1 to quickly level alt characters and avoiding the grind across multiple characters.

All in all, this change to Infusion will have a major effect on slowing down how fast players will be able to infuse their favorite gear. On the bright side (from a design standpoint at least) it should somewhat indirectly promote the use of multiple weapons and armor, as it will be harder to infuse and encourage players to equip their highest leveled weapons and armor.

Thankfully what hasn't changed is that the system is still 1-to-1 for Infusion. If it would have returned to the original system where infused weapons only gained a percentage of the higher item's power, that could have really been a slog.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 on PC.

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