What could be considered to be the Destiny 2 beta’s biggest glitch yet has been found—a method that will grant the infinite use of any roaming Super. For those subclasses in the beta, that would include the Sentinel, Gunslinger, Arcstrider, and Dawnblade.

Thankfully, the glitch can only be performed in just one activity in the Destiny 2 beta, The Inverted Spire strike. There is no way to perform it in PvP, which will keep the exploit out of any head-to-head matches.

To be honest, it’s not a new glitch but in fact an old one that used to work in Destiny 1, and this version of the exploit involves using the Pikes that can be found in the opening area of The Inverted Spire strike. YouTube Esoterrickk shows how to perform the glitch using the Sentinel Titan:

Performing the glitch isn’t too hard, but may require some trial and error to get the timing just right. As seen in the video, the method involves activating a roaming Super while at the same time getting on the Pike. If done correctly, the player will board the Pike and the animation for the Guardian’s Super will be active on the Pike.

There’s a quick swapping of weapons and then getting off the Pike will lock the Super into its activated state giving infinite Super energy. Death and respawning will cancel out the glitch.

Destiny 2 Titan Sentinel Subclass Video

It’s unlikely that finding this glitch will cause any major problems in the beta considering that it can only be used in a PvE activity, and most players probably won’t bother going to the trouble to do it. Hopefully, Bungie takes notice, though, and fixes it before the full game launches this fall.

The Destiny 2 beta is just a day old, with early access being available on PlayStation 4 for those who pre-ordered the game. Wednesday will add early access for Xbox One pre-orders, followed by a transition to open beta on Friday.

Destiny 2 will launch September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.