One of the very few things Destiny 2 fans were promised would carry over from Destiny 1 is the appearance of their Guardians from the original game. While that was good or bad news depending on how each fan felt about their own personal avatars in the game, there was an expectation that there may be further customization allowed to those original Guardians. Unfortunately, that assumption was incorrect.

According to details on explaining the Character Migration process between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, it makes it clear that if veteran players choose to import their characters into Destiny 2, their appearance will be locked in as is:

Will players be able to edit their migrated Character’s customization options in Destiny 2?

No. There is currently no plan to allow players to edit the customization options of an imported Character.

That will be disappointing news for some, especially fans who were expecting some expanded customization options in Destiny 2. While those may exist—Bungie has yet to show off any of the character customization menu in the game—it won’t be available for imported avatars, only new characters.

destiny character customization exo

The news also puts a bit of a damper on Bungie’s promise that veterans’ Destiny 1 characters would be able to carry forward their personalized characters in light of the fact of the sequel being a full reset of virtually everything else fans have earned in the first game since 2014.

The best bet for players wanting as many options as possible with their characters in Destiny 2 looks to be starting a fresh character so they can have full access to the entire customization palette in Destiny 2. Again, that’s under the assumption that every character customization option for Destiny 1 will also be available in Destiny 2. On the other hand, this news does bring up the question whether there will be any additional customization options at all or if it will the exact same as Destiny 1. Answers will have to wait until the game releases or if Bungie previews character customization for Destiny 2.

In addition to character personalization carrying forward for Destiny 1 players, Bungie has also shown a number of emblems for Destiny 2 that fans earned by completing certain activities in Destiny 1.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017 for PC.