Without a doubt, Guardians both old and new are currently diving into all of the fresh materials that Bungie has provided with Destiny 2’s latest expansion Forsaken in Update One piece of content that PvE fans may want to give a go is the new Public Event called “Secure the Wanted Enemy” in the new Tangled Shore zone. Those who wish to trigger its Heroic version would do well to follow along from here on out.

As seen in the video below, finding the location of the Cryopod Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2 should be easy enough, but after reaching the Public Event icon, players will need to fulfill several objectives that aren’t explicitly given in the game. First off, Guardians will be tasked with killing two waves of enemies before the timer runs out, but then their priorities will shift to a somewhat subtler approach when the boss comes out.

Once the boss emerges from his pod, Destiny 2 players will need to damage him as much as possible without killing him. Keep doing this until an electric field appears around him and the pod. When this happens, two vents on the pod will start emitting steam. Shoot and break open these vents as soon as this occurs, grab the Arc Orbs inside, and throw them at the boss until he becomes frozen in place.

Although the boss is now as stiff as a board, Guardians will need to defend his location as a new capture point by doing battle with powerful waves of enemies. In order to finally collect the Cryopod Heroic Public Event’s rewards, Destiny 2 players will be required to then fend off these baddies until the capture point hits 100%.

All things considered, the best strategy for players to adopt before triggering Destiny 2‘s Cryopod Heroic Public Event is to ensure that they will have a solid squad of Guardians who are all on the same page. So, if possible, try to squad up with friends and frequent teammates, and then use team chat to plan out how to execute the aforementioned process of enacting the special event. After all, it’s highly doubtful that one could thoroughly express how to trigger the event through emotes alone.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: TheTeawrex – Twitter