For Destiny 2 players who want to take on a greater challenge, Bungie has included harder difficulty versions of some in-game activities. For example, players can take on the Prestige version of the Leviathan Raid and there are Heroic Public Events too.

In addition to the Prestige Raid, it seems that Destiny 2 also includes Prestige Lost Sectors. Normal Lost Sectors are just hidden away caverns or areas that contain a tough opponent and a chest with just a handful of items. They are easy enough to locate and complete.

But taking part in a Prestige Lost Sector isn’t quite as simple, as only certain Lost Sectors will be designated as ‘Prestige’ on any given week. Originally uncovered by Redditor vpain1800 and detailed in the below video by YouTuber Mesa Sean, Prestige Lost Sectors coincide with the Nightfall Strike┬áthat week. For example, this week the Nightfall Strike is The Arms Dealer and so the Prestige Lost Sectors are on the European Dead Zone.

To trigger the Prestige Lost Sector players have to walk out of the Nightfall Strike and head to the Lost Sector of their┬áchoice. The Lost Sectors on that planet should then be available as a Prestige version – which means that they have the same modifiers as the Nightfall Strike that week.

This combination of tougher enemies and the modifiers provides a much higher challenge but it has been noted that players will not get any better loot just because they took on the Prestige version. vpain1800 explains that players will get a token, a rare item and a chance at an Exotic engram. Moreover, players can only loot three Prestige Lost Sector chests before the Prestige version timer runs out. However, players can also do Public Events with Nightfall modifiers which could make the timer worth it.

Destiny 2 players have already begun to argue that Destiny 2‘s end-game just isn’t up to scratch. Many have complained that they’ve completed the Nightfall Strike and the Leviathan Raid several times over and the Power level cap means that they can’t get any better loot for their efforts either.

It seems unlikely that the discovery of Prestige Lost Sectors will satisfy disgruntled Destiny 2 players, but some may find the extra challenge to be a decent stop-gap. Bungie is set to add more content to the game soon, including The Dawning holiday event and the rumored Sparrow Racing League, but players will just have to sit tight until then.

Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Mesa Sean – YouTube, Reddit