For the last couple of days, players who pre-ordered Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been able to preview the game as its much-anticipated beta test began its staggered launch. Now, it’s almost time for the open beta to get underway, allowing anyone to get in on the action.

The Destiny 2 open beta officially begins at 10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BST, at which point a huge influx of players is sure to join the fray. Testers can enjoy a variety of different activities until the preview wraps up at 9PM PT on July 23. There’s no need for a special code at this point — just download the beta from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, and get started.

There are three main components to the beta. The first is Homecoming, the first mission of the game, and a good way of introducing some of the tweaks that have been made to gameplay and the major events that bring about the sequel’s storyline.

Destiny 2 beta shoot down Cabal ship

There’s also a Strike called the Inverted Spire, which sees players team up with two other Guardians to take on an evil deep below the surface of new planetoid Nessus. The beta also provides entry to the Crucible, with rounds of Countdown mode taking place on the recently revealed Endless Vale map.

Bungie will be opening up some new content for a limited time this weekend. The new social space designed for Destiny 2, the Farm, will open its doors at 10AM on July 23, but it will only be accessible for a matter of hours before the open beta comes to a close.

Now is the time to test out Destiny 2 for free to see whether the sequel is worthy of a purchase come September, unless of course one happens to be a PC gamer. There’s no specific start date for the PC beta, but it’s expected to arrive in late August.

Destiny 2 launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox on September 6, 2017, with the PC version following on October 24, 2017.

Source: Twitter