If the prospect of solo’ing the Pyramidion Nightfall Strike doesn’t sound challenging enough, how about rolling through it alone and also hitting the 60,000 point threshold? That’s what one Destiny 2 player just accomplished and they are sharing their strategy and play through footage, so that the rest of the community can try to meet that goal as well.

Obviously this kind of challenge requires players to be decked out with some of the best gear in the game, in addition to following some precise strategy. If you feel like you meet those qualifications, then follow along and see if you can spend the rest of your Destiny 2 week mastering the solo run of the Pryamidion Strike.

Check out the full Destiny 2 solo prestige Nightfall run to see every detail of how Esoterickk pulled off this riduclous feat…

One thing to take note of is that, without Torrent, the shielded enemies in this strike are a lot more challenging. This means most areas will take longer to clear than usual and players will want to be extra careful and conservative during the boss fight.

So which singe to use? This is the big question. Based on this run, it seems clear that Arc Singe and Void Singe are the two strongest options. Arc Singe works particularly well for this boss, since there’s no Arc damage at all on the fight. The Harpy shields are also Arc, which allows for a few shield break explosions and easier clears. One major downside is that most of the Taken enemies do Arc damage, making the rest of the strike more deadly.

Void Singe is a solid choice for clearing out the Taken in the strike, since the Acolytes have Void Shields which can be broken and chained to easily clear the packs. The downside to this is all the orange bar Vex have Void Cannons at the entrance and the boss fight. In general, Void Singe will makes the overall clear quite a bit faster, but the boss fight gets a lot tougher.

All that considered, Arc Singe is the easier options to recommend, but clearly the choice may depend on each player’s style and preference.

That’s all there is to it! Good luck out there, Guardians.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Esoterickk