Destiny 2: How to Get the Undying Title in Season 8

Season 8 Undying Vex

Destiny 2 has released some exciting, time-limited content for their latest Season. The Undying title is one of these, limited to just the Season of the Undying. Getting the title will be a long process for players, making it many Guardians' goal for the entire two months. While some of the trials along the road to getting the title will complete themselves, many of these challenges will need a lot of work to complete. Here's a guide for earning that covented title of Undying.

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Starting with the Easy Triumphs

Players will have to own Shadowkeep first and foremost, then they will need to complete many Triumphs, or challenges, to earn the Undying title. Each of these fourteen Triumphs is listed in the "Triumph" menu; just click on the Undying seal in the bottom right-hand corner of the Triumphs menu to check progress or look for more challenges to do.  These will only be available for the limited Season of Undying, which will be over in about two months. Some of these Triumphs will complete themselves if players just play the game as intended. These include:

  • The Front Lines - In the Vex Offensive, complete 100 encounters, and close 3 warp gates.
  • Final Assault - Completing the Vex Offensive mode three times, killing the Undying Mind. The Undying Mind won't be available until November 19th, but it should be part of player's regular play when it finally drops.
  • Moonlight Crescendo - Complete finishers on the Moon. Between playing with the new finisher that Bungie provided (and the new ones many players bought), this one should be the easiest to complete. While many players didn't like Shadowkeep's ending, the finishers seem to have been an addition this season that everyone loves.
  • Operative - As a fireteam, destroy Oracles in the Vex Offensive.
  • Offensive Tactician - In the Vex Offensive, get multikills with Submachine Guns, Fusions Rifles, and Auto Rifles. This should complete itself while players are busy doing the Offensive Expert Triumph, which is further down on this list.
  • Offensive Sharpshooter - In the Vex Offensive, land precision final blows with Hand Cannons and Bows. Another Triumph that will most likely be completed with the Offensive Expert.
The Undying Mind Destiny 2

The Medium-Difficulty Triumphs

  • Perfect Assault - In the Vex Offensive, close the warp gate without dying. This one can be a little difficult for players, but find a great fireteam and it should be fairly easy. A good weapon can also help, so wish for a lucky roll on a Vex Offensive weapon.
  • Offensive Finisher- In the Vex Offensive, defeat enemies using finishers. More excuses to use those Season 8 finishers!
  • Over The Moon - Defeat Vex Overlords on the Moon in Archer’s Line, Hellmouth, and Anchor of Light. Each Overlord has to be defeated one time in each location. This will take some time, but players should be doing these missions anyway.
  • Lunar Fashion - Complete Public Events on the Moon while wearing a full set of seasonal armor. By "seasonal armor," Bungie means the Dreambane armor from Eris, not any other seasonal armor.

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The Hard Mode Triumphs

  • Offensive Expert - In the Vex Offensive, land final blows with Hand Cannons, Submachine Guns, Bows, Fusion Rifles, and Auto Rifles. Players will need to kill 500 enemies with each kind of weapon, making this a pretty massive undertaking. It will be a little easier with the best Destiny 2 Season of the Undying loadout, but it will still be a lot of time and effort.
  • Dark Side of the Moon - Defeat enemies on the Moon using Void melee, grenade, and super abilities. Make sure to use Supers as soon as they supercharged, and throw grenades as often as they are available; those two will fill up quickly. But the melee abilities part will be harder. Normal melee attacks won't count, nor will non-melee supers. Void melee Supers count, however, so that should help get some kills. Also, kills with a sword with no ammo will also count toward this Destiny 2 Triumph.
  • Crater Spark - Defeat enemies on the Moon using Arc melee, grenade, and super abilities. See Dark Side of the Moon above; it's mostly the same information, but with Arc damage instead.

The Super Difficult Triumph

As if all that wasn't enough, players will also have to finish a Collection Triumph. This massive undertaking will take up most of the time players will spend on trying to collect the Season of Undying title.

  • The Six Shaders - Players will need to drop by the Tower and visit Shaxx, Zavala, and The Drifter to grab each of their seasonal quests. It will involve running Crucible and Gambit matches and other fairly straightforward quests for the NPCs. Once the quest lines are completed, players should have all six of the shaders. The three emblems and also three of the weapons will be earned through completing this quest chain.
Eris Destiny 2
  • Randy’s Throwing Knife - quest from Shaxx -  This knife is earned by completing Crucible challenges: final blows with Scout Rifles, earning Glory, defeating enemies, and earning medals. This is a big chore for people who don't like the Crucible, but exploiting the Melee one-shot kill glitch should make it easier.
  • Edgewise - quest from Zevala - Run strikes and score 10,000 points, get machine gun final blows, and solar kill final blows. It will take tons of strikes (players will get about 4% completed each strike if they are lucky), but this can be accomplished just through sheer repetition and determination.
  • Exit Strategy - quest from The Drifter - Players will need 150 Multi-kills with SMGs, 125 Gambit medals, and earn 100% points. This can be done by killing as many enemies as possible in Gambit; this will fill up those "points" faster than anything else. So bring along a favorite SMG and grind out some Gambit matches.
  • Leviathan’s Breath - This bow will not be available until the 22nd of October, but hopefully it won't be too difficult to get.
  • Spear of the Fore - This ship is an award for completing Nightfall: the Ordeal on Master difficulty (this Nightfall reward is not one of the bugged ones).
  • All other remaining items on this list should be completed while getting the other items on the list, or will be completed automatically for players as they go along through the season, completing other Triumphs.

It may be a long list of things to do, but Season of the Undying title will keep players busy after they beat Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season 8: Season of the Undying is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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