Destiny 2: How to Get to the Secret Chests in the Garden of Salvation Raid

Just a day after the release of the newest raid, Destiny 2 players have discovered two secret chests within the Garden of Salvation raid. From what players can tell, these chests will drop non-powerful armor (i.e. armor will drop at or below players' current max Power level) and raid-specific armor mods.

The first chest is after the first encounter and maze jumping puzzle. There are a few different routes that Destiny 2 players can take, and it is recommended to have a sword to be able to do a little bit of sword gliding (using the sword's attack animation in the air to move horizontally through the air) to get to the alcove where the chest can be found.

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Here is one approach from the entrance of the area:

Players can also backtrack from the exit side of the area if they find that path easier:

Players have also found a second secret raid chest between the third and fourth encounters, the path to which is shown here:

In the past, secret raid chests had a chance to drop exotics, but it is unknown yet if either of these chests has the ability to do so. But, it is confirmed that these chests give raid armor as well as mods specific to the raid that will help players through the raid's mechanics or encounters specifically. One such mod is Relay Defender, which increases weapon damage when players are within 5 meters of a Vex Relay. Another raid mod is Voltaic Mote Collector, which grants players an overshield when they have collected 5 Voltaic Motes.

destiny 2 garden of salvation trace rifle

These mods will definitely come in handy in making the raid easier to tackle after the many hours teams hoping to be World First went through yesterday when the raid first released. The World First team took over six hours to beat the raid for the first time, but now that the Contest modifier has been removed and players can use their full Power levels, and players are starting to collect raid mods from chests like these, that completion time will start shortening substantially.

While only those who cleared the raid in the first 24 hours got access to a special emblem, anyone who beats it before the weekly reset on Tuesday will be allowed to order a raid jacket marking their accomplishment. Beyond that, it's likely that fans will now start, as they always do, seeing how fast and with how few players they can beat the raid's encounters.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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