Destiny fans will be pleased to know that the Mida Multi-Tool from the first game has made a return for the sequel, and remains much the same as the original: an Exotic Scout Rifle packed with perks that boost move speed and maintains radar visibility as players aim down sights. However, the difference here lies in the fact that the Mida Multi-Tool in the original Destiny was available through a random drop or vendor purchase, Destiny 2 requires players to complete a questline in order to unlock it. Additionally, there’s a submachine gun variant called the Mida Mini-Tool available to scoop up.

As with certain Exotic weapons in the first Destiny, unlocking the Mida Multi-Tool requires a handful of specific steps. But before players can get their hands on it, they must complete the Destiny 2 Campaign and reach Level 20.

Once that benchmark is achieved, the next step is to finish a quest called “Enhance!” on the vastly improved European Dead Zone (EDZ), given by Devrim Kay. It’s recommended to hit a Power Level of 260 here. As soon as players work through the objectives in Enhance!, they must return to Devrim, who will reward them with the Mida Mini-Tool.

destiny 2 mida multi tool

Venture toward the Tower thereafter, and pick up a quest named “Sight, Shoot, Repeat” from Banshee-44, the Gunsmith. This allows forces to successfully acquire a certain number of Precision kills and Multi-Kills with scout rifles – all without reloading the weapon.

The next order of business is to tick off a few more objectives by heading to the Sludge section in the EDZ region, a place in which many Cabal enemies spawn. Players will face off against three enemies in rapid succession, offering a chance for additional Multi-Kills.

From there, return to the Gunsmith in the the Tower to take on yet another quest. This one will oblige players to dismantle five Rare (which are blue-colored) or Legendary Scout Rifles, and then obtain 50 airborne submachine gun kills in any mode. Players can use the Mida Mini-Tool here, hopping across the map and killing enemies in the same position as they were before. Once this quest is completed, head back to the Banshee and take hold of the ultimate reward: the Mida Multi-Tool.

destiny 2 mida multi tool mini tool

Though the route to unlocking the Mida Mini-Tool and Multi-Tool isn’t a necessarily complex one, it does mark a change from the original Destiny, which could potentially throw some players off if they were expecting it to be available through the same channels seen in the first title.

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.

Source: Destiny the Game – Reddit