By now most fans know that the core of Destiny 2: Forsaken’s story is about revenge. Prince Uldren, once thought dead after a battle with Oryx, has appeared and murdered the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6.

At this point, Bungie doesn’t want to say how players exact their revenge, but they have revealed that Uldren takes Cayde’s Ace of Spades hand cannon and players will get it back. In fact, the Ace of Spades is one of the new exotics coming with Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Before continuing, we must give a warning. Those that do not want anything in Destiny 2: Forsaken spoiled for them beyond what Bungie has revealed should not read on. Spoilers will follow from here.

destiny 2 cinematic uldren

What Bungie has yet to reveal is that acquiring the Ace of Spades is part of a questline in Forsaken that starts after players complete the campaign. As with any exotic quest, there are several steps and in this case most of them involve using a hand cannon. And when all is said and done, Destiny 2 players will have the Ace of Spades at their disposal and a memory of Cayde-6 at all times.

Here’s how to get the Ace of Spades exotic hand cannon.

Step 1: Get the Ace of Spades from Uldren

As part of the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign players will defeat Uldren Sov and reclaim the Ace of Spades.

Step 2: Take the Ace of Spades to the Gunsmith

Although players will get the hand cannon back, it will be broken. They must take it to Banshe-44 for repairs, but he needs some biorhythmic data in order to get everything right.

Step 3: Gambit Kills

Players must get 5 invasion kills with a hand cannon in Gambit. It’s unclear if invasion kills are only kills made when a player invades the enemy team’s arena or if killing an invader counts too. Fans should know more after the Gambit trial on September 1st.

destiny 2 forsaken gambit taken pvpve

Step 4: Strike Kills

Players must kill 250 enemies using hand cannons within a strike. Destiny 2: Forsaken puts a whole new spin on the strike playlist, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get those kills.

Step 5: Crucible Kills

In the crucible, players need to get 25 precision kills with a hand cannon. Luckily, Bungie buffed hand cannon precision damage, so it should be much easier to get this step done.

Step 6: Cayde Caches

Apparently, there are caches scattered around the solar system. Players need to find them to obtain new parts for the Ace of Spades.

destiny 2 forsaken exotic ace of spades ornament

Step 7: Titan Mission

Players will head back to Titan to complete a mission called Ace in the Hole. Upon completion, they will have all the parts they need to rebuild Ace of Spades.

Step 8: Bring the Parts to the Gunsmith

With all the parts, Banshee will now give players the Ace of Spades exotic hand cannon.

It’s certainly an involved quest, but one that should be worth it based on Ace of Spades’ perks. According to the Destiny 2 files, Ace of Spades will include a perk called Memento Mori that puts extra bullets in the magazine if players reload after a kill and grants radar when aiming down sights. The hand cannon also has Firefly, which in Destiny 2 increases reload speed and makes the target explode in solar energy on a precision kill.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.