Public Events are both a useful and fun feature of Destiny 2 but the multiplayer instances often feel a little too empty, despite over a million players being simultaneously active in-game. Since the events are often too difficult for a single-player to complete, especially at lower power levels, a way to find more players is needed – and thankfully, one exists.

It’s far from a perfect solution and it doesn’t work every time but, as Reddit user Alphalcon points out, fast travelling to the nearest available point will re-instance your guardian into a new version of the same area. This gives Destiny 2 fans a new chance to spawn into an encounter that does have the required players present, and is sure to help guardians of all levels complete the events with a greater rate of success.

destiny 2 mida multi tool mini tool

Of course this handy little trick will work best on Public Events that are near to fast-travel locations so plan accordingly, but players responding to the thread seem to be reporting that it works better than any other method discovered so far. Those who are currently grinding for endgame content should also be aware of Heroic Public Events and the benefits of upgrading their encounters to the more challenging versions.

In other Destiny 2 news, we’re only days away from Bungie’s highly-anticipated Leviathan raid which a new leak suggests will involve a “world-eating” creature, a horde encounter, and a stylish escape into space. Only time will tell whether or not there is any truth to the leak but players are already excitedly preparing their guardian for the developer’s first piece of post-launch content.

With a bit more time, Bungie might be able to fix the emptiness of Public Events and the currently available planets in general, but for now the company is likely focussing on fixing other issues stemming from launch day. Just recently, the developer responded to complaints regarding the new consumable shaders so it’s fair to say that the creator of Destiny already has a lot on its plate.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for October 24th.

Source: Reddit