Even though Destiny 2 has ditched the random perk rolls for its gear, Bungie has ensured that many of the new weapons and armor are still worth hunting down and equipping. Whether it’s the unique designs of exotic weapons such as the Rat King or the valuable benefits of a gun like Sunshot, there seems to always be something around the corner for players to discover.

Through a special quest line in called Relics of the Golden Age, players can earn a couple of weapons, which feature a unique trait that provides a benefit to players when both are equipped at the same time. Though the synergistic feature was only hinted at by Bungie months ago, players are quickly discovering how valuable these weapons can be in a tough fight.

Follow the guide below to obtain the unique weapons in Destiny 2 called Sturm and Drang. The guide is as spoiler free as possible, but there may be a couple of details which some may consider minor spoilers below.

Head to Nessus

The first part of this quest has players helping the AI Failsafe on Nessus after the main storyline has wrapped up. Level 20 guardians will need to look for the navy blue icons on the Nessus map, which indicate Failsafe specific quests. After completing both O Captain and My Captain quests for Failsafe, you’ll be rewarded with the Drang legendary sidearm and an item called Kinetic Weapon sheet of paper.

At this point, the sheet of paper should be handed over to Master Rahool, who will then progress the quest chain further.

Complete The Objectives

Before Rahool can decipher the paper, he gives the player three tasks to complete:

  1. Decrypt five legendary engrams. Longtime veterans will remember these as being purple in color.
  2. Decrypt 1 exotic engram. Just like the first game, these are a golden yellow.
  3. Kill 10 Fallen enemies on Nessus using the Drang.

Once complete, head back to Rahool for the next step.

Talk To Tyra

Rahool sends players back to the Farm to speak to the local Cryptarch there, Tyra Karn. At this point, two additional objectives are given to the player:

  1. Earn 10 multi-kills against Fallen enemies on Nessus with Drang without reloading. Players need to kill at least three Fallen for the game to consider it a multi-kill.
  2. Kill 10 Fallen Majors on Nessus with Drang. Players can spot these unique enemies through their health bars which appear as either yellow or orange.

The Final Step

Before Relics of the Golden Age comes to a close, the final thing players must do for Tyra is to play the Exodus Crash strike and kill Servitor Kendricks-7 . It’s recommended that players have a power level of at least 140 before playing. Since Kendricks-7 isn’t the final boss of the strike, simply killing it is enough to satisfy the requirement without having to play the entire mission all the way through.

Once complete, head back to Master Rahool and the exotic hand cannon Sturm is earned.

While both guns are good on their own, what makes them great is when guardians use them together. Sturm’s unique trait is Storm and Stress which grant bonus precision damage after each kill made with Drang until the next reload. In addition, Sturm’s intrinsic perk is called Accomplice which fill the magazine of the equipped Energy weapon from reserves after each kill made with it.

On the other hand, Drang has a trait called Together Forever, where each kill with the weapon refills Sturm’s magazine. With both guns equipped, players have a way to not only resupply ammo indefinitely but gain a sizable damage buff as well.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and launches on October 24 for PC.

Source: Reddit