Destiny 2: How to Beat Kalli in the Last Wish Raid

destiny 2 kalli taken techeun last wish raid forsaken

Destiny 2’s latest raid is out today, and players are racing to be the World’s First team to clear Last Wish. Those who finish the raid this week get some snazzy gear, and they help teach the rest of the community how to beat the raid bosses. The first raid boss is Kalli, a Taken Techeun, and here’s how to beat her.

When Destiny 2 players load into the raid and follow the path to the left they will arrive in the encounter room. Players can drop a Raid Banner to get super and ammo if needed. There will be symbols around the center room–six in total for each wave–and plates around the outside of the room that correspond to a specific symbol. Players should agree on a name for each of the symbols to avoid confusion. Players must stand on the plates that correspond to the symbols on the inner ring of the arena. Activating the wrong plate will spawn an Ogre in the center.

The outer plates are divided into three sections, and players will have to move around the plate to avoid being killed by the Taken balls. Once the plate is charged, a Major Taken Knight will spawn. Killing this Knight completes the symbol.

destiny 2 kalli boss fight last wish raid

Players will want to coordinate so the plates go down quickly. These enemies are tough, so players should be as high in Power Level as possible. Once all six symbols have been cleared, Kalli will warp to middle and players will want to stack up for DPS.

Kalli can take damage during the entire fight, so players can chip away at her as she teleports around the arena. When she comes to middle, burn through supers and buffs to deal massive damage. Many of the new Forsaken supers are great for this fight, like Way of a Thousand Cuts for boss damage or Well of Radiance for buffs.

Once Kalli starts summoning the rift above her head, six doors will open in the pit beneath the boss which can hold one player each. Players must be in the safe rooms beneath the boss to prevent being killed. Once the blast has cleared, the cycle starts over again until the players defeat Kalli. It seems that this fight can also award another Seed of Light for a new Forsaken subclass.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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