Destiny 2: How Cross Save Displays In-Game

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Bungie dropped a ton of new information regarding its plans for the Destiny franchise post-Annual Pass and Activition prior to E3. While the company revealed the previously leaked expansion Shadowkeep, details on the free-to-play version called Destiny 2: New Light also surfaced. As part of the what's next presentation, fans got to see a deeper RPG system as well as the promise of a cross-save feature for players on multiple platforms. While not available to the public yet, Bungie has already begun public testing of this upcoming feature.

Over on the Destiny 2 subreddit, a screenshot surfaced of a user within the game's Roster menu with a previously unseen setting in the game. When the user's banner was examined more closely, it displayed text that said Cross Save Enabled, a feature which isn't supposed to be live yet. Thankfully, the mystery was quickly solved as community manager Cozmo23 entered the discussion to reveal that the user in question was actually a Bungie employee testing out a couple things to help iron out any remaining issues before the public gets its hands on the anticipated feature. Either way, it appears that players who have this feature enabled will be visible to others.

A feature that has been long requested by the community, Cross Save is one of the major pillars detailed by Luke Smith to enable Destiny 2 fans to play anywhere. Originally announced at the Google Stadia reveal, Bungie went on to further clarify during its own Shadowkeep reveal that regardless of which platform players are on, they'll be able to move saves across Stadia, Xbox One, Steam, and PlayStation 4. However, these saves don't include owned expansions, so players who own Forsaken on an Xbox One copy of the game will need to ensure that they also own the expansion on the platform they're transferring saves to.

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With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep set to launch in September, players will be heading back to the Moon to assist the returning character Eris Morn in the next chapter of the campaign that picks up at the end of the Cabal Red War story arc. While there's still a lot of details that are under wraps for the time being, it has been previously confirmed the the expansion is going to be roughly the size of Rise of Iron from the previous game. Not only that, the Moon destination is about double the size of its Destiny 1 counterpart as well as featuring a massive Hive fortress which players will no doubt have to assault in order to confront the horrors inside.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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