Destiny 2 is fast approaching and a priority for many players is ensuring that their Clans make the jump between games before launch. Bungie announced in June that starting July 25 an official “Housekeeping Phase” would begin, an official transition period lasting a month for Clans to get their business together prior to Destiny 2‘s launch September 6.

Bungie delivered the instructions as promised yesterday, but the required Clan management functionality didn’t go live until today. That means it’s time for Clans to prepare for Destiny 2.

Step 1: Update Your Clan Info

First things first, it’s important to understand the current state of Clans. The website currently allows anyone to make a Group – a community of people with accounts. Clans in Destiny are not Groups, but they are built on the same technology and are capped at 100 players per platform (Xbox and PlayStation).

Step 2: Transition to Destiny 2’s Clans Feature

Clans in Destiny 2 are a completely new thing. While Clans will are also tied to, there will be a lot more features at the leader and team members’ disposal. That means that Clans or Groups from Destiny have a decision to make: abandon the current Group in favor of a Clan in Destiny 2, or keep the Group and don’t transition to Destiny 2.

Recall that Clans are capped at 100 members per platform, so larger Groups might be best staying as is. But for those trudging on, here are the steps to take.

Destiny 2 Clan Creation

Since the Clan feature is built on the foundation of Groups, transitioning a Clan to Destiny 2 must be done using the Group Founder. After logging in to, the Group Founder will see a red banner near the top of the page notifying them about the upcoming changes. There will also be a big button that says “Edit Settings.”

Before discussing the next steps it is important to point out that everything is reversible from this point forward. Founders can change their mind as many times as they like up to August 23, at which point the choice is permanent.

Step 3: Make a Choice

Here are the two choices available to Group Founders as well as what will happen come August 23 based on which choice is made:

  • Option A: Upgrade to a Destiny 2 Clan
    • On August 23, the associated Group will be deleted and forum history/chat will be transferred  to the Destiny 2 Clan
    • Clans in Destiny 2 can earn rewards together and share Clan progression, while also having the Clan Roster and “Culture” displayed in-game.
  • Option B: Stay as a Group
    • On August 23, any associated Clan is deleted and the roster is removed. The Clan name will be reserved to the user set as the Clan Founder.
    • Clan forum and chat history will remain as-is within the Group.
    • No Clan will be created in Destiny 2 and Group members will not share Clan rewards or Clan progress. No roster will be displayed in-game.

Destiny 2 Artist's Reference Portal

Note that Groups that decide not to transition into a Destiny 2 Clan will  still reserve the Clan name, which expires September 20. This allows the Group Founder to retain the Group and then also create a new Clan under the same name if they choose. It won’t feature any reference to the Group of its origin and will require all members to be invited anew.

New Clans in Destiny 2

The takeaway is that everyone currently running a Destiny Clan will be able to bring that Clan to Destiny 2, whether with the smooth transition or by retaining their current Group and making a new Clan under the same name. The only difference is that Destiny 2 Clans cap at 100 players and Groups do not.

As for players looking to start an all new Destiny 2 Clan, that functionality will be enabled starting August 23 after existing Clans have transitioned to the new setup. For those unwilling to wait, you can always go start a Group and Clan on right now and go through the transition process with everyone else. The only important thing to note is that Clans require four total members including the Group Founder.

Destiny 2 is available starting September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by a delayed PC release on October 24.