Destiny 2: How to Cheese the Garden of Salvation Raid Boss

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The Garden of Salvation raid in Destiny 2 is now available and while competitive raiders have demolished it, there are plenty of players yet to finish. But time's ticking for Destiny 2 fireteams to overcome the challenging content and reap the raid's multiple pinnacle rewards. For Destiny 2 raiders who may be struggling for time, a team of helpful raiders has made a discovery that could save some time and stress. The Garden of Salvation's Consecrated Mind boss has a cheese strategy.

Consecrated Mind's cheese strategy is a hilarious throwback to a previous cheese from Destiny's Vault of Glass raid for the boss Atheon. Old school Destiny players might recall a strategy that pushed Atheon off of a ledge, killing them instantly. The Consecrated Mind strategy is similar, forcing the harpy into a pit where they'll die without having to be burned down. The fight itself still requires some setup before the cheese, and then some cleanup afterward, but does make the fight much more simple.

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The cheese for Consecrated Mind was discovered by the ever-impressive Youtubers Cheese Forever. It takes place in what the group calls "Phase 3," which is after the Consecreted Mind's first weak point has been destroyed and it returns to the main platform where it can be damaged. As the damage phase wraps up and it starts turning toward one of the side tunnels, a Hunter has to throw a smoke grenade in front of it at the edge of the pit. The Consecrated Mind will try to avoid the smoke and throw itself into the pit.

After the Consecrated Mind dies, the encounter won't immediately end. The party will have to continue dealing with the additional enemies that spawn as part of the encounter. Once these are dealt with, the trigger for the boss being dead will go off and players will receive their due prize and pinnacle reward.

The full Consecrated Mind fight in the Garden of Salvation is absolutely worth doing fully. The boss going immune and then forcing teammates to work together to find the harpy's vulnerable eyes is a hectic and very fun encounter. But sometimes players don't have all of the time in the world, or the encounter just isn't coming together the way a team needs it to. In those cases, what's the harm in speeding things up and earning a little bit of loot in the process. It's not like one weekly pinnacle reward is going to make the climb from 950 to 960 any faster.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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