Destiny 2 is the biggest console game launch of the year and fans can’t stop talking about the first-person shooter, its quests, its weapons, and its characters. But the fact that the game is so popular also means that it’s quite easy to poke fun at, making it perfect for the Honest Game Trailer treatment.

The Smosh Games team kicks things off by calling Destiny 2 a “vampire that eats social lives.” The game lets people hoover up loot to improve their characters; improvements which will then help them spend even more time within Destiny 2. But is all that time spent in the game worth it?

The Honest Game Trailer also criticizes the game for feeling like “an expansion pack” where players fight all the same bad guys as the first game, with the big difference being that Bungie has booted players back to level one.

The game’s story doesn’t avoid the wrath of the Honest Game Trailer either, as the video calls Destiny 2‘s narrative “the video game equivalent of eating a bag of Cheetos.” The Destiny 2 story is cinematic, as Bungie promised, but it’s not particularly memorable, argue the YouTubers. The Smosh Games team seems split on the game’s NPCs too, arguing that British character Devrim Kay talks about tea too much and Cayde-6 is annoying.

And even Destiny 2‘s cosmetic microtransactions get needled too. The game “drips out just enough [cosmetics] for free to keep you tantalized,” it says, which Bungie has done in the hopes that players will shell out real money for the best emotes and shaders. While few can blame players for desperately wanting to unlock the ‘neon ramen’ emote, the fact that they have to work so hard to color coordinate their outfits isn’t exactly a highlight of the game.

But despite the criticisms, the Honest Game Trailer does say that Bungie has taken “the complaints from the previous game to heart.” This includes “the enormous pile of content strewn across the map,” including Destiny 2‘s Lost Sectors, Adventures, Nightfall Strikes, Treasure Maps, Patrols, and more.

The variety of content on offer allows players to increase their Power level in the way that they choose, with Bungie giving players much more freedom than it did in Destiny 2‘s predecessor. The shooting mechanics are better than they’ve ever been too, says the trailer. And while this doesn’t completely gloss over some of Destiny 2‘s other issues, Bungie has at least delivered what many fans have asked for.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release scheduled for October 24, 2017.

Source: Smosh Games – YouTube