Those playing the Destiny 2 beta got their hands on the game’s opening story mission, called Homecoming. Many players were annoyed—or even worse, some even got stuck—at a section of the mission near its conclusion. However, fans will be relieved to know that section has been fixed and made easier in the launch version of Destiny 2.

The part of the mission in question is the turbine room near the end of Homecoming. In that section players are given the objective to “overload the generator,” but for many it turned out tricky to discover what to do next. To complete the objective and move on, players need to shoot out three turbines underneath the generator. But not only are the turbines a bit difficult to spot, getting to them can be tough due to two rotating arms that instantly kill any player they touch.

Destiny 2 beta shoot down Cabal ship

But, there is hope. According to Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith, he was surprised to see the rotating arms in the beta because he says those have been changed for quite some time:

“I was surprised by the turbine, because there’s only one turbine spinning in the shipping game. And I was surprised to see two of them. […] That’s a great example of something that we implemented, we found it to be too challenging — you know, especially for that opening sequence of the game — and in the shipping game, we’ve removed it.”

To explain, the Destiny 2 beta was actually a build of the game that Bungie has identified as being “months old” considering that in order to get the beta completed and ready for gamers to play, it had to be split off completely from the game a few months ago. Meanwhile, the developers have continued working on the game, tweaking and changing things that would never make it into the beta. Some of those changes address many of the concerns players had, such as some notable adjustments to PvE.

The beta has now ended after being extended, and Bungie will have a bit more time with the game before it is completed and goes gold.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later October 24 launch on PC.

Source: Polygon