Destiny 2 May Nerf Heroic Strike Modifiers

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Since the game launched, Destiny 2 players had been clamoring for more difficult challenges, and the game's second expansion, Warmind, delivered. However, players are finding some of the new Heroic Strikes modifiers, which rotate on a weekly and daily basis, too difficult. Hearing these concerns, Bungie is taking another look at Heroic Strikes and potentially tuning them for a July update.

Bungie's community manager, dmg04, took to Twitter to address complaints that certain modifiers, combined with the higher light level requirements, made Heroic Strikes too challenging; namely, the Blackout, Glass, and Grounded modifiers. Blackout disables the radar and greatly increases enemy melee damage, often resulting in a one-shot kill on Guardians. Glass halves health and shields, but makes recovery twice as fast. Grounded makes Guardians take more damage while airborne.

These three modifiers on their own might not be an issue, but the added elemental singe for each can turn certain attacks fatal. It's why many players skipped the Exodus Crash strike and Bungie removed it from the Heroic Strike Playlist rotation.

The community manager says the Destiny 2 teams are reviewing these modifiers, eyeing a tuning pass for a July update, but could not elaborate on any possible solutions at the time. The trick for Bungie is to alter the modifiers enough to take some of the weight off of players while keeping Heroic Strikes challenging. We will have to see how the developer approaches this task in the next month or so.

In other Destiny 2 news, the next major expansion, Forsaken, was revealed during a livestream earlier this week. It takes Guardians back to the Reef and brings several big changes to the game. There is a brand new campaign, a new 4v4 competitive mode that mixes PvE and PvP, and, of course, a new Raid that takes place in the Awoken homeland called the Dreaming City. Additionally, the weapon system is getting a major overhaul, including changes to how players equip weapons, adjustments to modifiers, and a new bow class weapon being added to the game. Bungie has also promised nine new super moves, one for each of the three elemental subclasses in Destiny 2.

There is a lot to be excited about in the upcoming expansion, especially since it is being touted by the developer as the result of listening intently to its very vocal player base. From what we have seen, this certainly seems like the case, but we will know for sure just how closely Bungie was listening this fall.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches on September 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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