Destiny 2 May Offer More Details About the Stranger


As fans scour for more information about Destiny 2, some new details regarding a never-before-seen character were found in the official product description of the game's Collector's Edition. Inside that $250 version of Destiny 2 comes a physical collector's item called the Frontier Bag, which apparently is a replica of an in-game version worn by a character named Hawthorne.

Not only does the description identify the bag as belonging to Hawthorne, but it also provides some backstory about this mysterious character in Destiny 2:

Born in the City, Hawthorne left as a teen to seek a life of freedom in the wilderness outside the safety of our walls. She has survived for years outside of Guardians’ protection, and has come to learn her true purpose: To provide shelter to humanity by helping them not only survive, but lead a better way of life. This is a frontier bag, as worn by Hawthorne. In it, you will find tools and a place to store the valuable equipment you uncover on your own adventures.

There is no visual reference for Hawthorne, but the look of the bag definitely fits with such a character, appearing cobbled together from different materials and bringing together a number of Destiny's insignias and visual language.

Attached to the bag is a Frontier Kit, which is unabashedly themed around Osiris, including its sunburst exterior and some of the contents inside: a solar blanket and a solar panel USB charger with light. It could be a clue that Hawthorne could play a major role in whatever happens in Destiny 2's first expansion, which appears to be themed around the character Osiris.

destiny 2 collectors edition frontier bag

With this information and from what has been shown in the two trailers for Destiny 2 already, it appears that the game is looking to be more alive and more character-focused than the original game. Activision has said that Destiny 2 is out to provide a much more memorable narrative this time around, and this bodes well for that sentiment.

As for Hawthorne, fans will have to keep theory-crafting until Bungie decides to officially unveil more information about her.

Who do you think Hawthorne is? A new character or could she be the Exo Stranger? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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