The Best Destiny 2 Hand Cannons in Season of Opulence

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Every new season in Destiny 2 there is a debate over which weapons are best for a variety of encounters. Currently, the conversation is mostly around grenade launchers and their viability in the Crown of Sorrow raid, with players farming the Swarm of the Raven Iron Banner grenade launcher in the hopes of getting a god roll. But there are other weapons that complement these high damage boss weapons and one of the favorites is hand cannons.

Destiny 2 content creator Ehroar has created a detailed video breaking down the most popular hand cannon choices in the game currently and which perks are best for each. Typically, Ehroar’s videos focus on DPS, but since a hand cannon is not meant for boss damage he instead highlights which ones are best for ad clear.

As players might expect, the list of top hand cannons in Destiny 2 includes Midnight Coup, Kindled Orchid, and the new Austringer from the Menagerie. But what is surprising is Ehroar’s preference for Trust, the hand cannon introduced with Gambit at the start of Destiny 2 Year 2.

The two keys for the best PvE hand cannon according to Ehroar are a fast reload and a damage perk (or perks). Outlaw is an old standby when it comes to quick reloads, but Drop Mag is also useful too. Drop Mag is sometimes even preferred since it frees up one of the perk slots for an additional damage perk. For example, the “best” roll on a Kindled Orchid features both Kill Clip and Rampage, with the fast reloading coming from Drop Mag.

Picking Trust as the best hand cannon for PvE is surprising, but seeing the weapon in action in Ehroar’s video helps illustrate why. With the Dragonfly perk and a Dragonfly Spec mod, Trust can clear more than just one enemy in a single shot. Add Rampage to the mix and most red bar enemies and gone in a matter of seconds.

Prior to the launch of Season of Opulence in Destiny 2, getting Trust was very difficult and reliant on RNG. But now players can farm for the weapon specifically using the Chalice of Opulence. Put in a Rune of Desire and any purple rune in order to make a Trust and then hope for the right roll.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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