Destiny 2 May Allow Two Players to Join Guided Games for Raids

destiny 2 guided games

Destiny 2's solution to the tricky problem of matchmaking for high level content like Nightfalls and Raids is a new feature called Guided Games. Guided Games was first announced as a way for solo players to matchmake with a fireteam of five other players to play a raid.

But Destiny 2 is also hoping to expand that a bit and allow a pair of players to use Guided Games to find a group of four for the same purpose. That's according to the game's Project Lead, Mark Noseworthy, who said on Twitter that the target is for Guided Games to support a two-player party searching for a bigger group:

Guided Games is an alternative to straight matchmaking, which Bungie says would be "incompatible" for activities like the raid. Guided Games is the solution Bungie is hoping will help more players see endgame content (Bungie says only half of players in Destiny 1 have ever done a Raid), while also further integrating and growing clans into Destiny 2.

The setup for Guided Games goes like this: four or five players who belong to the same clan want to play a Raid, but they are missing one or two players. They can open their fireteam in Guided Games and be added to a matchmaking system. On the other side of that system are solo players—or pair of players—who go into Guided Games looking for a group. That player (or players) is presented with a list of clans looking for another fireteam member, from which that player can choose to approve and join the group based on the information that clan provides.

destiny 2 guided games matchmaking screen

It's a pretty complex and ingenious system that is trying to avoid the disaster that can come from six complete strangers matchmaking into Destiny's hardest content, while also opening up avenues to get players in who would otherwise never try those activities.

If Bungie can pull it off, being able to offer two friends the ability to go into Guided Games will give players even more options. It also appears to not upset the delicate balance of experience vs. inexperience that would result in the group. It's clear that Bungie is hoping that that bigger group of four or five players will be able to guide those less experienced players through the game's harder content, and keeping a 4-2 or 5-1 ratio should allow that to happen.

Guided Games won't likely be something that will be put out to be tested in the Destiny 2 Beta this summer, so players will have to wait to put the system to the test after launch and see if it is in fact the best answer to Destiny's designed lack of matchmaking in its endgame.

Destiny 2 launches September 8, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version coming at a later unannounced date.

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