One of the common points of debate among players from Destiny 1 was the lack of matchmaking in endgame PvE content like the raids and the weekly Nightfall strike. Some thought it was a good (and even necessary) feature, while others thought it would only lead to disastrous results. Destiny 2 seeks to find a middle ground with Guided Games, and is starting to test it in a beta form within Destiny 2 now.

The Guided Games Beta started today after Destiny 2 was down for hours of planned maintenance. However, developer Bungie has not thrown open the gates wide to allow anyone to test Guided Games. Only a select population of players have been given an invite to try Guided Games as a “Seeker” the term the game uses for a solo player looking to join a group. Players will know if they are included in the beta because a ticket for Guided Games will show up in their Postmaster. On the flipside of the system, clans who would like to participate in Guided Games need to form up a group consisting of their clanmates, minus one spot, in the Guided Games section of the Strike playlist.

destiny 2 guided games nightfall

In addition, Guided Games is only functioning for the Nightfall strike. The game’s first raid, called Leviathan, launches tomorrow morning (PDT) but it appears that Guided Games will not be available for the raid for at least a brief time as Bungie tests the system to this subset of players and only limited to the Nightfall.

There’s no word on when Guided Games will come out of beta and become officially live. The goal is for it to be fully functioning for solo (and possibly even pairs) to find a raid or Nightfall group, which otherwise requires a fireteam determined by the player. Bungie’s philosophy is to let clans be the leaders to solo players who need help through the game’s more difficult content, hoping it will lead to positive experiences all around.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.