As players begin to complete the activities found on the four destinations in Destiny 2, they will cross Lost Sectors, Adventures, and World Quests off their lists (and they will disappear from their Director map). But there’s something else for players to find and collect while out on a destination—golden chests.

In Destiny 2, golden destination chests will award destination tokens used to level up with the vendor on each planet. In addition to tokens, there’s a chance that chests can also contain Rare weapons, Legendary engrams, and even Exotic engrams.

What players may not realize is that the planetary maps will lead them right to these chests, numerously spread out across each destination. Follow these simple steps to find and open them all:

Use the planet map in the Director

Golden chests are actually marked on each planet’s map within the Director. They are symbolized by the marking that looks like a plus sign with a dot in the middle. Here is a shot of the European Dead Zone map, with some of the chest locations highlighted in orange.

destiny 2 edz director map highlight

These markings will lead to the location of each chest, but it will require a little bit of searching to uncover them once in the vicinity of that symbol.

Listen for the audio cue

When close to a chest, an audio cue will play to signify that it is nearby. It is actually the same sound that is present when close to any chest or resource on a destination. It will grow louder or quieter depending on how close a player is close to the chest, so use this “hot-or-cold” audio cue to track down the chest.

The golden destination chests will only show up one time, and once they are opened they will disappear from the zone and the symbol will also vanish from the map screen.

This may be helpful for those who trying to max out their Light level for this first week, and who are looking for exotics to bump their level up higher. Again, the chance to get an Exotic engram from these chests are very low, but it does happen.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.