With Destiny 2‘s first expansion having released in early December to a somewhat lukewarm reception from its community, fans have started wondering what’s next for the popular online shooter. With Bungie and much of the gaming industry away on holiday break, rumors and potential leaks have started to appear online. While nothing has yet been confirmed by Bungie, Sony may have just let the cat out of the bag earlier than intended. Just as Curse of Osiris introduced players to the legendary Warlock, it appears that the second expansion is also aiming to put another lore based character into the spotlight.

Details regarding the second expansion for Destiny 2 appeared very briefly on the US PlayStation Store and thanks to some quick-thinking Reddit users, the information has been preserved in a screenshot. While the page was quickly pulled down, the expansion is called Gods of Mars and takes place on that very planet, previously seen in the original Destiny. This time around, however, players will be heading to a place on the far side of the planet in the Frigid Vale. There they’ll meet up with another legendary figure from the lore, the Hunter Gunslinger Ana Bray. She’s there to put a stop to Charlemagne, a re-awoken Warmind that has managed to imprison the other Warmind Rasputin within an ancient vault.

destiny 2 expansion leak

In addition to a new campaign and adventures, the description teases the existence of a brand new enemy faction called the Remnants, which would be a first for the franchise that has traditionally stuck with the core races of Fallen, Hive, Cabal, and Vex in various capacities. While Bungie has yet to confirm any details regarding the second expansion, the Charlemagne storyline has been teased in the game already thanks to the Arecibo adventure mission on Io.

Finally, the potential leak also goes on to reveal a March 2018 release window and sets the expansion price at $20 USD. As longtime players can attest, content droughts tend to be a problem for this franchise, so another prolonged one will likely only worsen the community unrest that Destiny 2 currently faces.

Last week, data miners found additional hints to the second downloadable content pack, though much of what they found appears to be at odds with the information above. While Ana Bray, Rasputin, and a cold environment were also revealed, the data pointed to a new location on Saturn’s sixth moon, Enceladus, instead of Mars. The data miners discovered a zone called the Frigid Wastes in addition to two new enemy races known as the Frames and the Heralds. In either situation, it appears that Ana Bray is poised to make her video game debut by serving as a central figure in the next expansion.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit