Destiny 2 Increasing Glimmer Cap in a Big Way

Since the very beginning, Destiny 2 (and even Destiny 1 before it) has always been at war with its cap on Glimmer. While developer Bungie has tried to explain why there were limits on its in-game currency, players have found that the cap works against them. Thankfully, Bungie is raising the Glimmer Cap in Destiny 2 for the Shadowkeep expansion.

It wasn’t the focus of this week’s Destiny 2 livestream, but the footage did include confirmation that the Glimmer Cap in Year 3 will be 250,000 Glimmer. That is a 150% increase over the current cap of 100,000 Glimmer and should be a welcome change for all Destiny 2 players.

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Glimmer has not been a major issue for Destiny 2 players throughout much of the game’s second year but the introduction of Season of Opulence and the Tribute Hall put major strains on players’ wallets. 250,000 Glimmer should allow for players to spend on upgrades and new systems while not feeling like they are completing draining their stock.

However, an increase in the Glimmer Cap usually accompanies systems that require Glimmer like Armor 2.0. From slotting mods to upgrading the armor to Masterwork level, Armor 2.0 looks to be a very expensive system from a Glimmer standpoint, so it’s probably a smart decision of Bungie to raise the cap.

Hopefully, though, the Destiny 2 Glimmer Cap increase is not because there are only more expensive sources on the way. It would be nice to be able to keep a stocked wallet and not worry about going to Spider every few days to buy more materials and Glimmer.

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Ultimately, no Glimmer cap is going to be enough for some Destiny 2 players who want to do everything in the game – buy every item, upgrade every piece of gear, and more. Only when Bungie finally acquiesces and makes Glimmer infinite will everyone be happy.

In some ways, the cap does force players to consider their choices when it comes to upgrades and purchases, similar to the Enhancement Core material used for Infusion and Masterworking armor and weapons. If everything is easy and doesn’t feel like it comes at cost, then players won’t invest in any one choice or direction. That’s also part of what Armor 2.0 is about – giving players the opportunity to specialize.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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