Year 2 officially kicked off in Destiny 2 earlier this week with the release of the highly anticipated expansion Forsaken, which takes players deeper into The Reef than has ever been seen before.  Alongside the new campaign, loot, and Gambit, one of the biggest aspects of the new expansion are the nine new super abilities for each of the player subclasses. However, these are not unlocked at the start as players need to first find a new consumable item called seeds of light.

Following the first mission of the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign, players are encouraged to locate visions of light, which can be found very easily on enemies with yellow health bars. Once 100 are collected, players unlock a new mission on Io which involves a message from the Traveler and plenty of Taken to wipe out. Similar to reclaiming powers from the initial Destiny 2 campaign, players earn a Seed of Light to unlock one of the three new subclass trees which then can be used on nearly endless waves of Taken. Be warned, however, that these Seeds of Light are exceptionally rare, so players should select the new super they’re most interested in first.

With more and more information coming out seemingly on a weekly basis, there are two currently known ways to acquire more Seeds of Light.

Blind Well

The Blind Well is a new activity introduced inside of Forsaken, resembling the Court of Oryx and Archon’s Forge areas from the first Destiny. Spending new resources called Charges of Light, players can open the public event and fight enemies to obtain new loot similar to the Escalation Protocol on Mars. Advancing through various waves increases the Tier rating and the chance for better loot.

Starting on Tier 2 or higher, there’s a small chance that players can earn another Seed of Light once the activity is completed.

Last Wish

With the launch of the Last Wish raid on September 14, players discovered that another Seed of Light can be gained here. Getting it won’t be easy however as the raid carries a 540 power level minimum, and then the fireteam needs to not only make it to Kalli The Corrupted, the first boss of the raid, but beat her. At the end of this section, the seed is awarded to those still in need of it.

While this method is a sure fire way to earn a new Seed of Light, it’s easier said than done. This is likely an option that won’t be open to every player as the raid requires 6 guardians to take part without matchmaking. For those who can’t scrounge up the necessary players, or can’t raid for whatever reason, this option is clearly off the table. It’s likely that Bungie has hidden or will be adding another method to acquire that third seed for non-raiding players.

Being one of, if not the largest expansion released in Destiny history, there’s likely plenty that Bungie has kept hidden from players with new reveals planned over the course of the next few weeks and months. The Dreaming City, an endgame experience for fireteams and lone wolf players like, will likely continue to evolve over the course of Destiny 2’s second year.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit