While the Royal Pools challenge for Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid went live at 10am last week, this week Bungie is doing things differently, or rather they are going back to normal. The next challenge for Leviathan is already live and it’s the Gauntlet challenge.

In Destiny 1, new challenges went live at the weekly reset and now things have returned to normal for Destiny 2. This means players are free to collect their guaranteed raid drop in Leviathan right now, but they will need to know how to complete the Gauntlet challenge first.

How to Complete the Gauntlet Challenge

The Gauntlet challenge is fairly straightforward and for some teams won’t require any new strategies. To complete it, all the team needs to do is rotate rolls within the two teams of three, ensuring that the same person never touches the plates more than one cycle.

destiny 2 raid gauntlet

The best strategy for completing the Gauntlet challenge in the Leviathan raid is to have two teams of three and a job rotation. For rotation one, one player on the team will be the runner, one will be the plate person, and the other will be in charge of killing the Councilor (via melee). And once a player has done one job they cannot do it again.

Once the runner has entered the Gauntlet, the two outside team members will start on the corresponding plate and move clockwise. The plate player will shoot one arrow and then move to the next plate, while the other player will shoot a different arrow and go melee the Councilor.

At the next Gauntlet gate, the plate player will shoot their arrow and the other player will shoot the correct arrow from wherever they are. Make sure to run over and kill the Councilor before moving on, but don’t worry about exact positioning. As long as one player is on the plate, you both can shoot the arrows and open up the gate for the runner.

destiny 2 leviathan raid glitch

As we mentioned, for some teams this was already their favorite Gauntlet strategy so this won’t really pose too much of a challenge. Even on Prestige difficulty, where there needs to be a different runner each time, nothing substantial changes except the enemies are a little harder to kill in between running phases and a Psionic Projection will spawn after each Councilor kill.

Once the challenge is complete, players will unlock a second chest that will offer a guaranteed raid drop. On Normal, the drop will be either a weapon or an armor piece, and on Prestige it will be one of the Prestige Armor pieces.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.