Destiny 2: How to Beat Consecrated Mind in Garden of Salvation Raid

Destiny 2's fourth expansion, Shadowkeep, is out now, and already high level players are taking on its end-game raid. The latest of these is the Garden of Salvation, a challenging raid that takes place in the Black Garden, a location from the original game. The raid is also part of Shadowkeep's first seasonal event, Season of the Undying, which will focus on the invasion of the Moon by the robotic Vex following the raid's events.

After progressing through two encounters, players will encounter the raid's first boss, a large and invulnerable Vex harpy called Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent. As with any Destiny 2 boss, taking it down is no easy feat, and this particular boss adds an extra level of complexity to the fight.

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Starting the Fight

To begin the fight players must form a chain of Guardians leading from the small glowing block to the Conflux in the center of the room. This is a mechanic that should be familiar to players that have completed the earlier encounters of the raid, as it's also used to get through the Black Garden's maze and jumping puzzle. Remember to clear the area in the center of the room after the Conflux has been activated, as any guardian standing there will be killed when the boss spawns.

Once the boss arrives, players should divide into two teams of three to tackle the next stage, with one team focusing on killing the enemies that spawn all around the boss room and banking motes to cause the fight to progress, and the other team following the boss to prevent a team-wipe.

The Detained

Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent requires a unique strategy and until enough motes have been collected, it is impervious to all damage. First, it will move away from its starting position to one side of the room, and then drop a buff which a player will need to collect within 5-6 seconds or the entire team will be killed.

Once the player collects the buff the Harpy will Detain them, locking them in place but allowing them to see the colors of its eyes. The Detained player should then direct his team-mates to fire on the red eyes by saying if they are on the inside or the outside. If any player shoots a white eye by mistake, the Detained player is killed.

Once the red eyes have been shot, the Detained player will be released and given Shadowkeep's unique Voltaic Overflow buff, which will kill them if they take another buff. Therefore a second player should take the boss' next buff and become Detained in turn, before repeating the process.

The Final Blow

Once enough motes have been banked by the second team, the boss will enter its final phase, and can at last be hurt normally. At this point, players should shoot all of the red eyes, before attacking with as much damage as they can muster. The boss will move and attack freely during this phase, and can enter an enraged state after taking enough fire.

Players should simply pile on the damage until the boss goes down, allowing them to collect their loot and progress to the Garden of Salvation's fourth and final encounter.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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