8 Things You Might've Missed During The Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

destiny 2 tower attack defense

This week brought a ton of new information about Destiny 2 with the game's official gameplay reveal. While a lot of the conversation since then has focused on topics including the new subclasses and the FPS of the PC and console versions, there are plenty of little Easter eggs and clues that some may have missed.

8 Swords are Back

destiny 2 katana sword hunter

While there weren't any swords available to play with in the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere event build, the trailers released show swords in the game. Not only that, but it looks like there will be a handful of new designs, including a katana-style sword.

Swords were added in The Taken King expansion, and there have ever only been a handful of them. Moreover, most of them are of a similar style, so it is nice to see a variety of designs being added in Destiny 2.

7 Cayde's Ramen Shop

caydes ramen shop highlight

The very first official teaser trailer for Destiny 2 was a cheeky video with Cayde-6 talking about how during the Cabal invasion, his favorite ramen shop in the Tower was destroyed. In a fun Easter egg, the ramen shop shows up in Tower North.

6 The Dubious Volley Rocket Launcher

destiny 2 dubious volley

In a very quick clip, it appears that a well-known, but never released, Exotic may finally make its way to Destiny with its sequel. Dubious Volley was an Exotic rocket launcher that fans found in the Destiny database around the release of The Taken King. But the weapon never made an appearance in that expansion, nor any that followed it.

This rocket launcher looks suspiciously like the Dubious Volley with its "giant microphone" design. While it's not confirmed that's what this weapon is, it definitely looks the part...or at least it's Destiny 2 equivalent.

5 Shaxx with Raze-Lighter

shaxx raze-lighter

One of the first rumors about Destiny 2 was leaked by a Mega Bloks set, which features Lord Shaxx facing off in the Tower Hangar against a Cabal tank with the Raze-Lighter Exotic sword. That playset got the attention of fans because that scene has never taken place in Destiny.

With fresh rumors that Destiny 2 would see the Cabal invading the Last City, it made the leaked Mega Bloks set certainly sound legitimate. And based on this image featuring Shaxx with the Raze-Lighter on his back, it appears to further confirm that it's something players will see in Destiny 2.

4 Driving Tanks

destiny 2 tank gameplay

Tanks show up a few times in the new Destiny 2 trailers, but one shot in particular shows the tank from the third-person view of the player. Besides the Sparrow, vehicles were largely absent from Destiny 1. The vehicle-centric PvP mode, Combined Arms, even went absent from the game for a long period of time.

But Destiny 2 looks like Bungie is drawing from its Halo roots by adding a playable tank vehicle. The tank was shown being used in PvE, and nothing has been announced yet concerning vehicles in PvP.

3 Young Amanda Holliday

destiny 2 young amanda holliday

The Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal started with a cinematic showing an origin story of sort for Commander Zavala. Near the end of the cinematic, as Zavala looks out over the Last City, he stands among a crowd of people. Out of that crowd comes a young girl, who stands in awe of a ship flying up into the sky. That girl is a young Amanda Holliday, who players know as the Shipwright in the Tower.

2 Players Can Mantle Ledges

It's a detail that wasn't present during the stream, but was apparent to any that went hands-on with the game at the event. Players can now mantle on ledges if they get close enough but don't fully make the lap across gaps. This is great news for players that once struggled with Destiny's platforming sections, and should make any future explorations a little easier.


1 Color Coded Grenades

For Destiny 2, Bungie has added a color scheme to grenades to help players know whether an explosive is friendly or not. In most cases, if a grenade is close enough to a player it's too late to make the judgement call, but for trap grenades like the Titan's lightning grenade, it will be helpful to see which team the explosive is working for.

Destiny 2 is set to release September 8, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One. It will come to PC at an unspecified later date.

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