Destiny 2 Leak Reveals Gameplay and Class Changes [UPDATED]


The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal is happening today, but that hasn’t stopped some gamers from releasing a few details about the game early. In fact, just this morning, a leaker revealed quite a few gameplay, weapon, and character class changes coming to the title via NeoGAF, most of which seem like they will be welcome changes to the game.

Based on the leaks shared prior to the first Destiny reveal a few years ago, gamers can expect most, if not all, of this leaked information to be correct. With that in mind, follow along below to see some of the main points from the NeoGAF leak about Destiny 2.

Gameplay Changes

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First up, the leaker claims the level cap in Destiny 2 will be 20, just like it was in vanilla Destiny when it launched in 2014. That’s not too surprising, considering Bungie will likely follow a similar process of releasing expansions in regular intervals, with increases in the level cap along the way.

There will also be a new multiplayer PvP game mode according to the leak. The new mode will be an “evolution of Elimination,” but won’t replace Elimination, as the classic Destiny game mode will still be available. No details were provided about what this new evolution of Elimination mode will be like, but the leak did say all Crucible game modes will be 4v4.

The leaker also claims that in Destiny 2, Trials of Osiris will be gone and replaced by something called Trials of the Nine. Presumably, the experience will be fairly similar to Trials of Osiris, albeit with a different name for the new game mode. The leaker also mentioned Destiny 2 will launch on PC via Blizzard's, not Steam like was previously revealed.

Revealed: During the gameplay reveal livestream today for Destiny 2, Bungie announced a new multiplayer PvP game mode called Countdown. While little is yet known about Countdown, the information shared seems to confirm that the new mode will indeed be similar to the Trials of Osiris Elimination game mode, but with a few changes. Additionally, Bungie confirmed that the Crucible will focus on 4v4 PvP, and that Destiny 2 will be available on PC via Blizzard's service.

Weapon Changes

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For weapons, it sounds like gamers can expect a handful of updates to which weapons are available in the game and how they will be used. There will be three weapons slots, like in Destiny, but with a few changes for Destiny 2. Slot A will be the primary slot, working pretty much the way it does now. However, there will be no elemental weapons available for Slot A. There will be Auto, Pulse, and Hand Cannon weapons, along with side arms, which are moving to this slot, and SMGs, which will be added to the game.

Slot B will be the same as Slot A, but with elemental weapons. The leaker claims players will essentially have two primary weapons for both the main game and the Crucible, and that ammo will be abundant for both slots.

Slot C will be the heavy weapons, with rocket launchers, swords, fusion rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Rocket launchers will come with less ammo, but provide larger explosions, and a new secret weapon class that the leaker doesn’t want to reveal will also be added to this slot. Heavy machine guns will be removed from the game, presumably replaced by the new weapon class.

The leaker points out that “Heavy ammo” will drop in more locations and on a shorter timer during Crucible matches. However, they remind gamers that Bungie can make changes to that system with ease, meaning things may be different at launch or even over the course of the Destiny 2’s life.

Revealed: During the Destiny 2 livestream, the team at Bungie confirmed the changes to the weapon slots as shared by the leak, and went into detail about some of the additions coming to Destiny 2. One of the most interesting is that the seemingly "secret weapon class" mentioned by the leaker will be a grenade launcher, and as the livestream gameplay shows, the grenade launcher looks impressively powerful.

Character Class Changes

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For Destiny 2, class abilities will be a much bigger deal than with its predecessor, according to the leaker. Gamers can expect to see each class have a new ability that’s available for the entire class, regardless of subclass. The leaker claims that each class will get one ability with three options. Hunters will have Shadestep, Warlock will have an ability similar to the bubble, though it won’t offer a physical barrier, and Titans will have a “brace,” which the leaker says is a sort of cover against enemies.

Within the classes, Golden Gun, Voidwalker, Striker, Nightstalker, Stormcaller, and Sunbreaker will all make a return to Destiny 2, though they will each experience significant changes. Bladedancer will be replaced by a completely new class that has something to do with an arc bow staff. The Sunsinger class is getting replaced by a new subclass with a solar sword, and Defender will be replaced by something the leaker calls “void Captain America,” which likely means the subclass will have some sort of indestructible shield.

Revealed: As expected, there will be three new subclasses for Destiny 2, one for each of the three classes in the game. The three new classes will be the Warlock Dawnblade, Hunter Arcstrider, and Titan Sentinel. Each will have new abilities that match up with those described in this morning's leak.

Impending Reveal

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With the official Destiny 2 gameplay reveal just moments away, gamers will soon find out if these and any other leaks are true. Hopefully the changes will turn out to be positive for Destiny fans, and that Bungie will make Destiny 2 a proper sequel to the game that’s been so popular for these three years.

Revealed: Along with the above confirmations for Destiny 2, Bungie revealed additional details about the game that have many Destiny fans excited for the upcoming sequel. Destiny 2 will feature new strikes and a new raid, and will make it possible for gamers to matchmake for these grouped activities. This should give the 50 percent of players who didn't experience the raid in Destiny to do so in Destiny 2. Additionally, Bungie revealed four new worlds for gamers to explore and experience in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 8, with a PC release to follow shortly thereafter.

Source: NeoGAF

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