Destiny 2: How to Get Gambit Prime Synths

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With Season of the Drifter and Joker's Wild now live in Destiny 2, players have set off on the gameplay loop of playing Gambit Prime and the Reckoning in order to earn the new Gambit armor sets, which allow them to unlock perks specific to certain roles in the Gambit mode.

A key to getting exactly the type of armor a player wants is tied up in Gambit Prime Synths. While some ways to earn these Synths may be obvious, there are multiple sources and also particular methods that are guaranteed to deliver specific types of Synths.

Firstly, the most obvious source of Synths is by simply completing games of Gambit Prime. Every time a player finishes a match, they will be rewarded a random Synth. While Destiny 2 players may be open to getting any kind of Synth this early in the season, as the season progresses players will surely want to focus on particular armor set path. Likewise, players can clearly see that completing certain bounties from the Drifter will also award Synths as well.

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Outside of these guaranteed sources, Synths are awarded for accomplishing specific tasks in Gambit Prime. While there very well may be more ways to earn specific Synths, these are the current methods known by players:

  • Invader Synth: kill multiple enemies while invading
  • Collector Synth: collect 5o Motes in a match
  • Reaper Synth: kill high priority targets
  • Sentry Synth: kill an Invader before they can get a kill, quickly kill multiple Blockers

Once players have collected a number of Synths, the next step is starting the grind of earning and upgrading the Gambit Prime armor sets. Getting a complete set will take some time as higher tiers of the Reckoning are unlocked and players are enabled to upgrade the Synthesizer item. It's likely that higher number of Synths will be required to activate those upgraded Synthesizers, so these tips will be good to keep in mind as players grind for their most desired armor sets.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny The Game Reddit

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