Prior to Destiny 2‘s release, developer Bungie found itself creating controversy when it confirmed that the game’s console frame rate would be locked at 30 FPS. But while Bungie was able to establish that the game would still look great, Destiny 2 players now say that the game certainly doesn’t look great all the time.

Across social media, Destiny 2 players have been complaining that the game suffers from frame rate drops and has done so since the game launched earlier this month. Fans say that frame rate drops effect activities with multiple players and that when they team up with their friends, the frame rate can drop dramatically from 30 FPS to single-digit figures.

Public Events and the Leviathan Raid are particularly affected. The Trostland event in the European Dead Zone (EDZ) drops frames behind the back of the church, with some players saying that they avoid the event altogether if they can. It has also been called a ‘nightmare,’ while some have joked and called it a ‘graveyard’ for frames.

The Leviathan Raid‘s Bathing Pools and Gauntlet areas have noticeable frame rate issues, explains one fan on Reddit, with these areas impacted right from the start when enemies begin to spawn. And both PS4 and Xbox One players are experiencing this, suggesting that it isn’t just about one console being better optimized over the other.

While fans admit that frame rate dropping doesn’t ‘break’ the game, it is a jarring experience. Destiny 2 largely looks fantastic and to see enemies and locations suddenly lose their sheen is unsettling. It can also make it difficult for players to aim accurately and therefore complete the Public Event successfully.

As a humongous game with tons of content, many fans expect Destiny 2 to have some issues, especially as the game is not yet a month post-launch. There is already a list of known Destiny 2 issues that Bungie can work on addressing, ensuring that all of the game’s content works as initially designed.

It’s currently unclear when the frame rate dropping issue will be fixed or even if the problem is on the Destiny 2 developer’s radar. As mentioned, this issue has been in the game since launch but Bungie has not openly discussed a plan to fix it. Hopefully, the developer will address it soon so that Public Events can be enjoyed as normal.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.