A number of Destiny 2 players are upset with how Eververse works in the game, and they’re taking their fight to the official Destiny 2 forums, flooding it with post after post calling for Eververse to be removed completely from the game. As of this writing, it takes more than 20 pages of forums to start getting to posts other than those raging against Eververse.

While it an be argued that it’s not the most effective and constructive way to stage one’s complaints, it’s hard to miss the anger and frustration players are feeling with microtransactions in Destiny 2. The topic has been discussed since the launch of the game, but The Dawning winter live event seems to have sparked this online demonstration.

That’s because much of the loot added to the game in The Dawning is completely locked behind the Eververse paywall. There are many items that players can earn by picking up and grinding to complete daily gifts as well as finishing the weekly Dawning milestone, but even with those free dips into the loot pool, there still remains a number of highly sought after items that can only be earned by paying money for them. And even then, there’s no guarantee since players can only buy more engrams that leave them bound to the chances of RNG.

The Dawning has elevated the discussion of Eververse and microtransactions, with one of the most common complaints arguing that Eververse items in Destiny 2 were part of the base game in Destiny 1. Sparrows, ships, and shaders were a few of the many ways players could customize their character but now they are only found in Illuminated Engrams.

Despite making a number of relatively small but positive changes to the game this month, Bungie can’t seem catch a break with its fans. Add to it that there is a general feeling of disdain for microtransactions in the gaming community at large after the Battefront 2 kerfuffle, and it seems to have led to a Destiny 2 community ready to speak out. And speaking out they are.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.