Destiny 2: Every New Super Coming with Forsaken

It's safe to say that Guardians are eagerly anticipating all that Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC will offer at launch in about two months from now, and it seems as if Bungie is preparing for the expansion’s big promotional push before it releases in September. To be specific, the video game developer has decided to give Game Informer exclusive coverage of what’s to come in the add-on, with the outlet's latest issue having detailed every new Super coming with the DLC.

According to the August 2018 issue of Game Informer, Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC will be bringing nine new Supers into the fold, with each subclass of Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters getting a fresh ability to hold their own against the expansion's enemies. Those interested in what their Guardian will be able to do as far as the latest Supers in September's add-on are concerned would do well to follow along below for the complete rundown and description of the forthcoming supernatural abilities.


  • Titan Sentinel's Code of the Commander: Melees cause explosions, but all void ability damage also attaches a Void Detonator, and any subsequent damage causes the detonator to go off and attach detonators to enemies caught in the explosion. Grenade energy partially recharges for you and nearby allies when detonators trigger. BANNER SHIELD can still be used for offense like normal, but holding guard creates a barrier wall of light that absorbs enemy attacks, but allows ally attacks to pass through.
  • Titan Sunbreaker's Code of the Devastator: Throw your hammer with the melee button, but it remains in the world – risk retrieving it where it fell to fully recharge your melee ability, and trigger health regen. The more solar-ability kills you get, the higher your damage, up to 3x. SIEGE HAMMER creates a flaming maul that hits like an earthquake and leaves behind flame tornadoes.
  • Titan Striker's Code of the Missile: While airborne, melee to slam into the ground like a bunker buster, and gain super energy for your trouble. If you pick up ammo while sliding, you automatically reload your equipped weapon and increase weapon damage for a short time. THUNDERCRASH sends you hurtling great distances like a missile to hit a targeted area like a meteor strike.


  • Warlock Voidwalker's Attunement of Fission: A new Atomic Breach melee ability creates a void explosion at range, while holding the grenade button down creates a short-range area explosion Supernova. Any void ability kills now heal you and grant ability energy. NOVA WARP empowers you with transdimensional hopping abilities, letting you repeatedly teleport short distances and then erupt in a burst of energy.
  • Warlock Stormcaller's Attunement of Control: Tap the melee button to fling out a long-distance electricity ball that eventually detonates and flings a lighting bolt straight downward. Arc Kills sometimes create Ionic Traces, a spark of raw arc energy that travels across the ground toward you, which can be collected to recharge abilities. CHAOS REACH fires a long-range blue beam of intense and focused damage dealing, which can be deactivated early to save energy.
  • Warlock Dawnblade's Attunement of Grace: Melee attacks burn bad guys, but empower allies. Transform your grenade (by holding the button) into a Blessing, a projectile that heals allies and drops retrievable overshield orbs. WELL OF RADIANCE slams your solar sword into the ground, creating a wide-radius aura that rapidly heals and empowers your friends. Any ability that heals or empowers helps regen your non-Super abilities.


  • Hunter Nightstalker's Way of the Wraith: Your melee smoke bomb heavily damages and slows those in its path. Nail the perfect precision kill against a foe to vanish and gain truesight. SPECTRAL BLADES drops you into a veil of shadows to slip behind foes and stab them before they know you're even there.
  • Hunter Gunslinger's Way of a Thousand Cuts: Knife-trick melees fling out a fan of burning blades. In turn, killing burning enemies recharges your knife trick, and burning enemies also recharge your dodge. BLADE BARRAGE doubles down on your knife skills to expel a volley of explosive kills.
  • Hunter Arcstrider's Way of the Current: Slide before a melee to unleash a staff-powered uppercut, and any melee hits increase your reload speed. All your arc abilities electrify your enemies, and subsequent melee strikes disorient them and refuel your abilities. Use your staff super like normal if desired, but WHIRLWIND GUARD means that you can guard by spinning your staff, reflecting back projectiles, and tripling your staff's damage afterwards

Taking the description of each new Super into account, it seems as if Bungie has been doing its due diligence to ensure that all of Destiny 2's classes will have abilities to make them even mightier and give them an extra edge during battle. After all, the Forsaken DLC's Scorn enemies that have been shown off so far appear to be a set of highly formidable foes intent on causing chaos and destruction, and these Supers – when deployed at just the right time during combat – ought to turn the tides of the fight in one's favor.

All things considered, Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC looks to be shaping up as the meatiest expansion that the science fiction shooter franchise has received as of yet, and each of the new Supers will help to make the content feel even more epic. Bungie has already said that Forsaken's size is bigger than The Taken King, so it will be interesting to see what else will be in store for Guardians once September rolls around.

Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC is set to launch on September 4, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer