Destiny 2: Every New Super Ability Coming in Forsaken Revealed

destiny 2 forsaken arc titan subclass code of the missile

Destiny 2: Forsaken is bringing nine new subclass branches to the game, expanding each super ability to fill a new role. Here are the nine new Destiny 2 subclass supers, and all of the new skills and abilities that come with them.


Arcstrider: Way of the Current

With the Way of the Current subclass tree, Arcstriders get a new melee ability called Tempest Strike, which requires the Hunter to slide before releasing their melee ability. If done correctly, this will unleash an uppercut with the arcstaff, and will cause an arc wave to shoot forward.

The two passive perks of this tree are Ebb and Flow and Lightning Weave. Ebb and Flow electrifies any target hit by an arc ability, and when hunters punch an electrified target, the target is disoriented and it restores some of the hunter’s grenade, melee, and dodge abilities. Lightning Weave increases reload speed any time the player punches an enemy.

The new super is called Whirlwind Guard, which allows Arcstriders to spin their arcstaff during their super, which can deflect any incoming projectiles back at the target (if aimed properly). If shots are successfully deflected, then the Arcstaff gains triple damage. This will allow hunters to safely approach a target without being shot out of their super. The Barons of Scorn carry plenty of powerful weaponry, so it'll be good to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Gunslinger: Way of a Thousand Cuts

The Way of a Thousand Cuts is the new solar tree for Hunters, and it takes the knife-jugging fantasy and turns it up to 11. The Knife Trick ability allows hunters to throw a fan of knives out in front of them, igniting any enemy that is hit. While enemies are burning, the Playing with Fire ability will grant Knife Trick energy if the burning target is killed. The Burning Edge perk will fill up dodge energy while the enemy is ignited.

The new super is called Blade Barrage, which allows hunters to throw a volley of flaming knives at any targets in front of them. Depending on the number of targets, the knives may spread out and hit multiple enemies, or they will focus all on one target if there is only one. While this super may not be as powerful against raid bosses like Celestial Nighthawk is, it sure will pack a punch against most enemies.

Nightstalker: Way of the Wraith

Ever wanted the Bladedancer ability from Destiny back? Well it’s here, but with a bit of a make-over. If players manage to score a precision kill while at full health, then they will turn invisible and gain Truesight thanks to the Flawless Execution perk. Truesight allows hunters to see enemies through walls, allowing for easy tracking. Hitting an enemy with a melee shortly after weakens them with the Shattering Strike perk, reducing the enemy’s damage output. The Nightstalker smoke bomb for this tree is corrosive, exploding in a line that shoots outward, slowing and damaging enemies.

The new super is Spectral Blades, which turns the hunter invisible and gives them Truesight again. From there, hunters can dash around the battlefield slashing away at any enemy standing in their way. The powerful invisibility will be very helpful when sneaking around the new Tangled Shore patrol zone.


Sentinel: Code of the Commander

The new Titan Void subclass tree is all about being the leader of the fireteam. Hitting an enemy with a void ability activates Controlled Demolition, which puts an explosive on the enemy. When the enemy takes damage, the detonator explodes in a huge blast of energy, activating Resupply, which heals nearby teammates and grants grenade energy. The new melee ability is Tactical Strike, which causes any nearby detonators to explode, and sends detonators flying out toward nearby enemies.

The new super is the Banner Shield, which allows Titans to be better at blocking incoming damage, like Reinhardt from Overwatch. Teammates can shoot through the shield, making it great for PvP pushes or boss damage in PvE.

Striker: Code of the Missile

The new Striker tree is all about moving, and moving fast. The Ballistic Slam melee ability allows Titans to soar through the air and slam down at nearby enemies, leveling anything in their way. The more enemies that are defeated with this melee ability, the more super energy Titans get thanks to the Impact Conversion perk. When Titans slide through ammo on the ground, it will reload their equipped gun and provide bonus damage due to the Inertia Override perk.

The new Striker super is Thundercrash, a callback to the original Destiny Striker super. Titans get to soar through the air like a rocket and crash down in one big, explosive area. It’s a one-time slam, but it sure is powerful. Enemy players will want to run and hide when they see this super coming at them in Gambit.

Sunbreaker: Code of the Devastator 

Titans finally get a throw-able weapon in the new solar subclass in the form of the Throwing Hammer melee ability. Titans will be able to throw their hammer to hit enemies, then rush to pick it up off the ground to restore their melee ability. Thanks to the Tireless Warrior perk, picking up the hammer not only refills the melee ability, but also triggers health regeneration. Kills with any solar ability proc the Roaring Flames perk, which increases the hammer's damage output, stacking up to three times.

The new Burning Maul allows Titans to summon a huge flaming hammer that they can spin around with, or unleash a devastating slam attack that leaves a trail of fire in its wake.

destiny 2 forsaken warlock arc subclass attunement of control


Dawnblade: Attunement of Grace

This new subclass tree turns Warlocks into the true support class. The Divine Protection perk allows Warlocks to charge their grenade and turn it into a Blessing, which will heal teammates. Landing melee abilities with the Guiding Flame perk empowers nearby teammates. While teammates are powered up through your grenade, melee, or rift, Benevolent Dawn increases the Warlock’s melee, grenade, and rift abilities.

The Well of Radiance super will be a must-have for raids, like the new Dreaming City raid. It allows Warlocks to plant a huge rift in the ground which empowers teammates, and heals them, too.

Stormcaller: Attunement of Control

This subclass tree is all about moving around the battlefield to maximize ability up-time. As Warlocks kill enemies, they will sometimes drop Ionic Traces which will give grenade, melee, rift, and super energy when collected. If Warlocks take damage while collecting these traces, Pulsewave will trigger, granting a speed boost to the Warlock and nearby allies. Their melee ability is Ball Lightning, which launches a slow-moving projectile that launches lightning bolts at nearby enemies.

The Chaos Reach super lets Warlocks channel lightning into one powerful blast, decimating anything in its path. Warlocks can deactivate the super early to save some super energy. This powerful ability will come in handy when melting the new powerful Lost Sector bosses.

Voidwalker: Attunement of Fission

Voidwalkers get some fancy new tricks in this subclass tree. Atomic Breach is their new melee ability, which is a ranged melee that can cause void explosions. Keeping with the charge mechanic of all other Voidwalker trees, the Fission tree allows Voidwalkers to charge their grenades to turn them into small Handheld Supernova. Kills with these two abilities activate Dark Matter, which restores a small amount of health, and gives rift, melee, and grenade energy. Out of all nine of the new supers, this one may be the most wild.

The Nova Warp super allows Voidwalkers to get right into the thick of battle and unleash deadly blasts of Void energy. Their Dark Blink ability allows them to quickly cross the battlefield, and the Void blast can be charged to unleash an even larger explosion. This super may be a bit of a nightmare to fight against when grinding Crucible ranks.

destiny 2 forsaken warlock void subclass attunement of fission

These new supers will bring a breath of fresh air to the Destiny 2 gameplay loop, however they will not be immediately accessible when Forsaken launches. Players will get to choose one to chase after, but the rest are tied to quests in the Dreaming City endgame patrol zone. Choose wisely, as it may be a little bit before the other subclasses become available.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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