By now, Destiny 2 players know of the major moment at the beginning of Forsaken that will change the game’s story in a significant way. Those who enjoyed the story implications this moment brought with it, will be pleased to know that it will not be the only major narrative thread, and that the upcoming raid will also have its share of story that will impact the lore in a significant way.

This is all according to Joe Blackburn, raid team lead at Destiny. A user on Twitter recently reached out to Blackburn, asking if Raid Lairs would continue to be a part of Destiny 2. He felt that the community saw them serving little purpose, as they had little to no ties to the main story.

Blackburn responded, confirming Raid Lairs would indeed continue to be a part of the game. However, if players were looking for something more, something bigger, then the expansion’s raid will bring it, along with “tons of story and lore implications.”

The Destiny team hinted at this when the expansion was revealed a few weeks back, showing off the location of the raid, the Dreaming City, along with information on what Guardians can expect to encounter there. It will be somewhat akin to Taken King, in that there will be tons to do, lots of hidden secrets to uncover, and an intricate, exciting new raid to explore. It won’t be similar in terms of size, however, as it been confirmed that Forsaken will be even bigger than Taken King, though the part it plays in the overall story will be just as important.

While Taken King made it abundantly clear who Guardians would be facing at the end of the expansion, Forsaken is less straightforward. We know that rounding up or eliminating the various Fallen Barons that escaped the Prison of Elders is a big part of the game, along with revenge against the one who freed them and killed a major character. But it feels like there is more to it, and there may be an even greater evil out there that needs to be dealt with.

One thing we know for sure is that the raid will continue the campaign’s story, and won’t veer off in a different direction, which is comforting. Those anxious to know who or what Guardians will face in the final confrontation in the Dreaming City only have to wait two more months until the expansion releases.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.